Drew Tennant
You should take this seriously
Tue Jul 31, 2018 17:24

Drew’s excitement about starting his third year—bolstered by his new Pearl Street access—had by now been fully tempered by two things. He could have predicted the first thing, which was the fact that STOATs were happening at the end of the year. In the classes he really cared about (Defense Against the Dark Arts, Magizoobotany when they were focusing more on the zoo and less on the botany, Spellwork—History of Magic occasionally made the cut too, depending on the unit) Drew was starting to get Os because he would write a lot when he knew about the subject. He was still pulling mostly As in his other classes, with Es every now and then.

The thing was that the professors were Very Serious about exams coming up, and the work he had been doing to get As wasn’t quite good enough anymore, so he was having to work harder. Bleh. Drew did not care for all this work. It would be one thing if just the classes he cared less about needed him to try more, but it was every class. Seven classes was too many. In elementary school they just had four main subjects (language arts, science, social studies, math) plus one-a-day electives (music, art, phys ed, library time) and that was enough. Next year when Drew got to change his schedule, he was going to keep it at five classes. Defense and Spellwork and History and Magizoobotany could stay, and since he had to add an elective he would probably pick Divinations because Kaz was cool and it seemed easy. Everything else was getting the axe. But first he had to pass his STOATs—hence doing homework in the library—or else he would end up like Dade.

The second thing that was making his third year less than the best year ever was that his friends were a mess, and Drew hadn’t seen that one coming. Actually, he had known the Kit and Darlene feud would be going on, but with Pearl Street being an option he’d hoped that maybe Kit would be distracted from tormenting Darlene? He was pretty sure that no matter what had happened with Darby two years ago, Kit was the only one who was being extra hostile on purpose now. Darlene was a lady and Kit was really acting like a feral alien experiment and Drew seemed incapable of bringing them together.

Then there was Dade. Drew wasn’t totally sure where he and his friend stood now, and thinking about that made his stomach hurt. He just knew that Dade needed help and was pretty damn good at pushing the people who tried to help him away. And Remy was, like, kind of involved in that but kind of not, and that was weird too. Drew usually didn’t wear worry, but lately it was the only thing in his wardrobe.

He was definitely thinking about his Cultural Studies homework and not that when Satveer showed up in the library and started talking about his upcoming date with Drew’s cousin. Oh, right. Then there was this. Satveer had asked Kit out, and she’d immediately told Drew about it and said that Satveer was better than Darlene because he knew about Lilo and Stitch (Drew knew that was an important thing for Kit but it definitely was not a requirement for him) and also that Drew was jealous of Satveer going on a date with her and not him (Drew didn’t get why she seemed so triumphant about this one when he was very not interested in Satveer, but there were so few instances when it was worth arguing with Kit that he’d only tried for a couple of minutes).

Drew did not care for this Kit-going-on-a-date business, but he had to grudgingly admit that that sounded like a great date for Kit. He knew Kit better than anyone else in the school and even he couldn’t have designed something she would like more. “I think she’ll love it,” he answered honestly, “but hey, listen.” He gestured for Satveer to move closer to the table. Kit didn’t have an older brother, and Marissa had graduated anyway, so there was just Drew to look out for her now. It didn’t matter that he didn’t think Satveer would do anything wrong: he wanted to make it clear. “Kit isn’t like other girls,” he said. That should have already been obvious to Satveer, but Drew wanted to remind him anyway. “She doesn’t know what’s, like, normal, dating-wise. I think you’re all right, but if I hear you made her really uncomfortable or took advantage of her, we’re gonna have a problem. Got it?”

  • Just Kitting around - Satveer Mittal, Sun Jul 29 14:18
    Elation flowed through Satveer’s veins. Katherine and he were going on a date. He was in a couple… or, was he? Satveer had asked her to go on a date, but did that mean they were a couple? Did they... more
    • You should take this seriously - Drew Tennant, Tue Jul 31 17:24
      • It is a large pill to swallow! - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 07:08
        Satveer felt he had a placid and friendly character. He was a lot less shy than he used to be, but still, not the sort of person who regularly attracted threats against his well-being. Only once he’d ... more
        • Just have a glass of water - Drew, Thu Aug 2 16:53
          Satveer sounded genuine, although toward the end of his mini-monologue, he also sounded like he was sucking up to Drew, which the Cetus didn’t like so much. He didn’t care about how much Satveer was... more
          • Satveer had gotten Drew’s message loud and clear. Don’t upset Kit. Satveer liked Drew a lot but he really didn’t want to get on his bad side. Especially considering what he’d heard about Drew and... more
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