Satveer Mittal
It is a large pill to swallow!
Thu Aug 2, 2018 07:08

Satveer felt he had a placid and friendly character. He was a lot less shy than he used to be, but still, not the sort of person who regularly attracted threats against his well-being. Only once he’d taken a moment to digest had happened did Satveer accept that Drew would always look out for Katherine, but it still couldn’t help but feel taken aback by Drew threatening him. What was most surprising was how felt very real and from the heart it was. Satveer thought that he and Drew we on good terms, and the very fact that Drew felt he need to threaten him, upset Satveer a little.

Satveer’s smile was all but replaced by a more serious, defensive, expression. His eyebrows lowered and his bottom lit tightened. “I know.” he cautioned.

Of course Kit wasn’t like other girls, but Satveer wasn’t really sure what it was that set her apart from them. Yes, she was eccentric (or at least she was last year. She seemed a little more reserved so far this term). And yes she was smart, but it wasn’t either of those things. Satveer just really enjoyed being around her and making her smile. He enjoyed her hugs and how she made him feel. “I… I just want to make make her happy.” he stuttered, trying to make up some of the ground he felt he’d lost. “As happy as she makes me when I am around her.” his face lifted a little. Apparently even the thought of her made him want to smile.

Satveer wasn’t a fan of confrontation. The very thought that Drew wanted to hurt him was enough to kick enact his flight response. Satveer opened up to Drew. “I’m not going to take advantage of her.” Satveer didn’t really understand what that term even really meant, but it was clearly a point Drew was keen to address. Satveer’s siblings both had chaperones on their first dates, so even if he did ask them for advice, they would have been useless. Satveer’s understanding of a date was to spend time together, away from other people. To enjoy each other company and get to know each other. This was entirely new territory for him. In an effort to appeal to Drew’s understanding, and remove himself from harm's way, Satveer continued “It’s going to cost me at least three months of allowance for the golem experience. And then a meal as well. Drew, I’m not doing it to upset her in anyway. It’s so she can have fun.” he smiled, searching for some positive feedback. “I know you and Katherine are close, and I’d never do anything to upset her… or you, on purpose!” In a lot of ways, Satveer was very mature for his age. However, the same could be said for how innocent he was.

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    • It is a large pill to swallow! - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 07:08
      • Just have a glass of water - Drew, Thu Aug 2 16:53
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