Suits me
Thu Aug 2, 2018 15:20

Peregrine. That was a sort of bird, right? Georgina was mentally storing and cataloguing much of what Elliot was telling her. He liked flying and video games, which his Dad literally played with for a living. Well he wasn’t doing anything to shake the impression she already had of him being a nerd, but honestly there wasn’t much evidence that would sway her to the contrary by now. Gigi had never been interested in computer games. For a start they didn’t have a computer. They had a TV, because it was just weird not to, but Gigi didn’t watch much of it at home, anyway. Sometimes they all - Gigi, Liam and Karinder - watched horror films in her house because her parents didn’t give a damn what she watched, but she didn’t have any games consoles. Liam did, and he killed zombies and drove brightly coloured pixelated cars around cartoon tracks, and then Gigi threw things at him, told him she was bored and headed out. “I’m not great at sitting still for any given amount of time,” she said, already demonstrating her restlessness by spinning the chair idly from side to side as they chatted. “I never got into gaming.”

Or flying, because although her garden was large, and there was an orchard attached, it was open for any of the neighbouring farms to see if a preteen started hovering above the treetops on her broomstick. She flew down low, amongst the trees, and seemed to be at the lower end of skill level in their flying classes. Whatever, it hadn’t stopped her signing up for Quidditch. “I haven’t really flown much,” she told Elliot, vastly exaggerating her experience, but I’ve signed up for Quidditch so best hope I improve,” she grinned. “I want to be a Beater because when else do you get a legitimate excuse to hit things at other people?”

So Elliot’s parents - and other assorted relatives of the other cool kids - had been to RMI. Interesting. Georgina ran their names through in her mind again: Phippen, Embers, Leppit. None of them sounded familiar - well, actually Embers did, but that had more to do with the Professor. Probably - and truthfully her Dad rarely used names when he talked about ex-students: It was more like ‘someone did this’ or ‘that happened one time.’ Even when he did use names, her Dad’s memory was so poor that Gigi couldn’t trust it. If he accurately remembered any of the names of kids he taught more than a decade ago she would be wildly surprised. She nodded, “Right.” It made sense to send your kids to your own school (providing you had a good time and a decent education out of it. Otherwise that was harsh).

Predictably, Elliot did turn the question back on Gigi. Initially she just shrugged in response. She could tell him that it was none of his business, which was very tempting, but then they really would run out of conversation and she’d need to find other ways to entertain herself. Nope. She was trying to be friends with this nerd, but that didn’t mean she had to tell him her whole life story, either. She smiled her widest, most mischievous smile. “Hogwarts wouldn’t have me,” she told him. It was not a complete lie: she hadn’t many any efforts to find out if she would be taken to her local school or not, because her mother had been fired from there rather spectacularly, and hadn’t made a great impression in her own school days. They might take one look at Georgina’s parentage and turn her away, or they might be noble and try to train the crazy out of her anyway. Regardless, her parents had decided that Rocky Mountain would be a more suitable option. “My, uh,” ugh, so many people knew already, “Dad used to teach here a while back. He liked the school and with my options back home being limited, I took a hop, skip and a jump over to play foreigner.” There, that was a healthy mix of accurate information and intrigue.

  • Guess I’ll just stay in the red - Elliot, Tue Jul 31 16:06
    Elliot could not keep the grin off his face as Gigi gaped at him. He always liked telling people what his parents did. The fact that his dad made video games for a living probably wouldn’t be as... more
    • Suits me - Gigi, Thu Aug 2 15:20
      • But not me! - Elliot, Wed Aug 8 22:29
        Gaming was the only time Elliot could stand to sit still for hours and hours and hours (besides sleeping, but even then, he didn’t sleep a lot, usually going to bed late and getting up early) Elliot... more
        • Sucks to be you - Gigi, Tue Aug 14 08:31
          Cool, the tech nerd wanted to play Seeker. Not strictly within the stereotype of sitting every day for hours in front of a screen, but as they had already established, that wasn’t really so much of... more
          • Actually, it rocks - Elliot, Fri Aug 17 18:27
            “I don’t think my parents would give a shit if I did magic at home,” as long as he didn’t use it in a bad way, “but I only got my wand a couple weeks before school started and we were super busy so I ... more
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