Just have a glass of water
Thu Aug 2, 2018 16:53

Satveer sounded genuine, although toward the end of his mini-monologue, he also sounded like he was sucking up to Drew, which the Cetus didn’t like so much. He didn’t care about how much Satveer was spending on this date. Money had nothing to do with being respectful to other people. Also, Drew hadn’t thought something as vague as ‘we’re gonna have a problem’ was enough of a threat to make Satveer stuttery and nervous. Besides the time he’d hit Connor for being a racist and a homophobe, Drew had never fought someone or gotten in trouble at RMI.

…well, there was the thing with Claudia tattling about them looking up spells, but other people didn’t know about that. At least, Drew didn’t think they did.

There was also just the general weirdness of Kit having a crush on anyone in the first place. She’d never been interested in boys (or girls, or other people) like that before as far as Drew knew. A tiny part of Drew was concerned that she’d only accepted Satveer’s invitation to get back at him for dating Darlene, and that she didn’t actually like him that much. Oh, man, Uncle Scott was going to freak out when he heard. And Dad would pretend not to be worried but he would worry anyway, same as every time Marissa had dated anyone.

On the other hand, thought a quiet, self-interested part of Drew, if Kit is distracted by Satveer, maybe she won’t care about Darlene so much anymore. There was an idea. He didn’t think the Lyra girls would end up friendly enough to go on double dates or anything, but if Kit had something to focus on besides how much she didn’t like her roommate, that couldn’t be bad. Apparently Quidditch, Drama Club, self-defense club, and Kit’s recycling project were not enough other things for her to focus on, but maybe involving another person was the way to go?

Drew didn’t see why it had to be this other person—although, actually, Satveer was all right. He’d sort of helped Drew with choosing songs for Darlene’s CD, and she’d liked the mixtape a lot. If there was one surefire way to get Drew to like you, it was to talk music with him, which Satveer had done. More to the point, Drew couldn’t think of anyone at RMI he’d want Kit to date. And there were definitely worse people. For example, the building probably wouldn’t survive a relationship between Kit and Hunter. It’d be like a collapsed mineshaft in six hours, tops. If she had to date someone, Satveer was probably in the top half of choices.

“Okay,” Drew said, shrugging like this was a super casual conversation. “So make sure she has fun. Like I said, as long as Kit is happy and comfortable and has a good time, there’s no problem.” That was all he’d said the first time anyway. Drew didn’t know what, exactly, he would do if Satveer tried to harm Kit in any way—Drew didn’t want to hurt him, per se, but his opinion on that might be different if Kit was hurt—but anyway, he was pretty creative.

  • It is a large pill to swallow! - Satveer Mittal, Thu Aug 2 07:08
    Satveer felt he had a placid and friendly character. He was a lot less shy than he used to be, but still, not the sort of person who regularly attracted threats against his well-being. Only once he’d ... more
    • Just have a glass of water - Drew, Thu Aug 2 16:53
      • Satveer had gotten Drew’s message loud and clear. Don’t upset Kit. Satveer liked Drew a lot but he really didn’t want to get on his bad side. Especially considering what he’d heard about Drew and... more
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