You really want me to tell you?
Thu Aug 2, 2018 22:48

“They were cleaning up when I left,” he said, making a sympathetic face, but also still grinning a little. Leave it to Remy to spend all of dinner in the library during their first night back. He nodded assent at her wanting to share about her day. He was planning to go first because his thing was super important; he didn’t know what hers was, but nothing could have happened to during Spellwork that was more interesting than what he was about to tell her. He didn’t know what Aaron had planned for the first class for the upper years, but he doubted it was watch-Dade-kind-of-have-a-breakdown bad.

“So did you notice how Dade wasn’t in any of your classes today?” Drew began. He let her respond to the more-or-less rhetorical question before he continued. Then he put up the privacy spell that muffled voices—the same one he had cast around him and Dade during first period—just in case. He didn’t see any other students in the library, probably because it was the first night of classes, but Ms. Marissa was around and Drew didn’t want anyone listening just in case. He tucked his wand back in his bag before leaning in conspiratorially. “It’s ‘cause he was in mine. Or, ours, I guess. He failed his STOATs, he got held back. And it gets worse,” Drew went on, just to set the bar of Remington’s expectations really low.

Where to start? “Dade thinks you and Claudia are friends, because Kit say she saw you talking at the April Fool’s party. And he said he didn’t want to come to self-defense club because he’s worried you’d tell Claudia what spells he knows and then she’ll be able to attack him again.” Hang on a second. Those weren’t Drew’s words. “Er, not again. Like, to get back at him. Sorry, Dade was saying a lot of stuff, and you know how sometimes with him or Kit you have to pretend you agree so they won’t argue with you?” He offered Remington a rueful you-know-what-I’m-talking-about smile. “It was like that.”

The smile vanished from Drew’s face as he kept talking. “He’s scared of her. Like, really scared. Anyway, he was being really weird and said you might tell Claudia stuff he doesn’t want her to know, so I told him that you wouldn’t, and if anything, you were spying on Claudia for him. I don’t think you are,” he added, in case Remington wasn’t sure, “but I had to say something, you know? And then he got really weird about…”

Drew trailed off. That was too much information. He couldn’t say that Dade had freaked out and said that he wasn’t gay or a girl, because then she might figure it out. Although, would it technically be Drew’s fault that Remington had found out if she put it together without him actually telling her? Drew thought it wouldn’t be his fault that way, but it still didn’t seem like a good thing to do. So Drew didn’t mention what Dade had said about liking dress-up or being a girl or how when Drew had told him what he thought was going on, Dade hadn’t said he was wrong.

“He said you didn’t write him over the summer,” Drew changed course, “so I think—he moved to Boston with Rose. If you sent the letters to England he wouldn’t have gotten them. And maybe he was too embarrassed about the STOATs to write to you himself.” That was a satisfactory explanation for Drew: it meant that neither of his friends were mad at each other, just miscommunicating.

  • Spit it out, Spit it out! - Remington Burnham, Thu Aug 2 21:52
    Several classes flew by after what seemed like the longest Spellwork class she’d ever taken. Somehow, her partnership with Claudia had been fortunate. The two girls, as far as Remington could tell,... more
    • You really want me to tell you? - Drew, Thu Aug 2 22:48
      • ...spit it out, spit it out! - Remington, Thu Aug 2 23:22
        She opened her mouth to tell Drew about the penseives and her experience with Claudia. She didn’t want to share everything, because the upperclasswoman clearly confided in her. If this had been... more
        • Don’t say I didn’t warn you - Drew, Fri Aug 3 00:18
          Drew was willing to say so when he was wrong, so he was perfectly comfortable admitting (to himself) that what had happened to Remington in Spellwork today was as big as what had happened to him in... more
          • You didn't warn me! - Remington, Tue Aug 7 19:52
            Getting Drew to believe the true things she said was so much easier than getting Dade to believe them. Even Claudia took a bit of work. Remington wished the others would just hear the logic and the... more
            • I tried to! - Drew, Tue Aug 7 23:03
              See, this was why you wanted to have someone like Remington in your group of friends. Out of everyone in self-defense club, Remington was the most reasonable and calm and normal. Drew needed another... more
              • I know you did - Remington, Sat Aug 18 17:39
                Remington shrugged a little. Of course she took Drew’s word for it. All of her friends were a bit different, but of everyone available, Drew was the most likely to tell the relatively unbiased and... more
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