Don’t say I didn’t warn you
Fri Aug 3, 2018 00:18

Drew was willing to say so when he was wrong, so he was perfectly comfortable admitting (to himself) that what had happened to Remington in Spellwork today was as big as what had happened to him in Defense today. Or at least, what she had told him was as big as what he had told her, which wasn’t the same thing, but was close enough here. And in this case, what they had to tell each other was two sides of the same Galleon.

Drew’s first thought was that Dade could never find out about Remington working with Claudia in their first class of the year, or else he would claim that Claudia had used the lesson as an opportunity to brainwash Remington or something. At least they agreed about the letters. From there, the story got a lot more headache-inducing—for Remington too, apparently.

“Okay,” Drew said, when Remy was finished. “I believe that.” He did. He believed that Claudia leaving class had nothing to do with Dade, and he believed that once Dade realized Claudia was behind him, him hexing her was inevitable. Remy seemed upset that it was a spell from the club. Drew was pretty sure he’d already known that—Dade had mentioned it back in Cetus last year—and he didn’t see the big deal, but it clearly mattered to Remy. He didn’t know what to do about that. He believed Claudia was terrified, because from her perspective (assuming Dade was wrong about her intentions, which seemed safe to assume) he’d just shot fire at her for no reason, but he also believed that there was something going on that Remington hadn’t been able to see in the memory.

How to explain it without saying too much? “But there’s something…” Again, Drew trailed off. Ugh, this was so frustrating. Why didn’t Dade just tell Remington things? Because he thinks she’s a spy and because he doesn’t really know things either, Drew reminded himself, but then got frustrated again with how Dade was acting. It’s not his fault. He’s just scared. “If I tell you something,” he demanded, his tone slightly hardened now, defensive not about himself but about the information he had, “can you trust me on it? And promise not to ask too many questions, or let it go if I tell you I can’t answer a question?”

Drew waited for an affirmative response before he continued. This was so stupid and melodramatic. How was his year going like this already? It was day one. He knew his closest friends were a little… um… unstable, that was a word. But Drew hadn’t expected to hit the ground running with problems. “Okay. So Dade… has a reason to believe Claudia doesn’t like him. Not because of the fire, from before that. Because of something he can’t control. He thought she was gonna try to hurt him because of… this… thing… so he was trying to stop her from doing that when he cast that spell. I don’t think she would’ve done anything,” he added, to show that he and Remington agreed, even though there was a little doubt in his mind there. Everyone knew about what had happened with Holland, “but he thought he was defending himself. He is being an idiot,” Drew agreed, “but only because he’s scared. He’s a panicking idiot.”

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  • ...spit it out, spit it out! - Remington, Thu Aug 2 23:22
    She opened her mouth to tell Drew about the penseives and her experience with Claudia. She didn’t want to share everything, because the upperclasswoman clearly confided in her. If this had been... more
    • Don’t say I didn’t warn you - Drew, Fri Aug 3 00:18
      • You didn't warn me! - Remington, Tue Aug 7 19:52
        Getting Drew to believe the true things she said was so much easier than getting Dade to believe them. Even Claudia took a bit of work. Remington wished the others would just hear the logic and the... more
        • I tried to! - Drew, Tue Aug 7 23:03
          See, this was why you wanted to have someone like Remington in your group of friends. Out of everyone in self-defense club, Remington was the most reasonable and calm and normal. Drew needed another... more
          • I know you did - Remington, Sat Aug 18 17:39
            Remington shrugged a little. Of course she took Drew’s word for it. All of her friends were a bit different, but of everyone available, Drew was the most likely to tell the relatively unbiased and... more
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