I have nothing against the French.
Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:27

Remington held back another snicker, still stuck on the silly incantation. From what she could tell, Dade didn’t want to hurt him roommates. He wanted to intimidate them. It was like how cats would fluff themselves out and try to look as big as possible to whatever was threatening them. While getting hit with the spell itself might be intimidating, the incantation would probably take away a lot of that power. Dade would just be a fluffy kitten if he used that.

“What are they doing to make you want to jinx them?” Remington asked, purely curious. She couldn’t imagine having to share a room, so she didn’t want to judge him for it. The half Mexican girl considered herself a pretty nice person, but it was impossible to predict with absolute certainty how she might react in a new situation.

She continued to scan the book she found. There were plenty of hexes and jinxes, but most of them seemed like overkill. Dade also seemed to think so, because he started looking for a new book. She didn’t take offense, also deciding that her book wasn’t fitting the bill. She slid it back in its proper place on the shelf.

“I bet this is a good one.”

Remington turned her brown eyes back to Dade, then the book. She couldn’t help but be confused. There was no title, no author, and there weren’t even any words. Dade must come from a more magic heavy background than she did; she assumed he knew something about the blank pages than she did. She’d defer to his judgement.

“Are the words invisible?” She smiled, curiosity getting the best of her. “My mom has a lot of magic books in our library, but I’ve never seen a blank one like this before. What do we do?”

  • As Remington read, Dade peered over her shoulder, following along. He snorted when they came to the incantation. Locomotor wibbly ? What? The eleven year old had never seen something that stupid in... more
    • I have nothing against the French. - Remington, Sun Jan 29 10:27
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