Do I look prepared enough to carry a glass with me?
Tue Aug 7, 2018 16:22

Satveer had gotten Drew’s message loud and clear. Don’t upset Kit. Satveer liked Drew a lot but he really didn’t want to get on his bad side. Especially considering what he’d heard about Drew and Connor. Satveer nodded “Okay. I get you.” before moving off to go study. Pausing in his stride, Satveer offered some sincere gratitude to Drew “And Thank you. For the date feedback. I really appreciate it! I’m glad you think Kit will like it”.

Drew was alright in Satveer’s books. Satveer thought a lot of him, but their interaction caused a momentary seed of doubt about any future relationship with Kit Katherine. If Satveer and Katherine were to hit it off, would Drew be poking his nose in at the tiniest disagreement? He didn’t imagine so, but then Katherine did seem to tell Drew everything. Does Drew tell Katherine everything? Does Katherine feel the same about Darl… There wasn’t any point even continuing that line of thought. Of course she felt that way. She felt that way about her making Drew happy. Satveer wasn’t sure he’d like to be there if Darlene ever made him upset! Katherine would possibly just blow Darby up to one hundred times his normal size and chase Darlene away from the school. On second thoughts, that would be a sight to behold.

Satveer genuinely thought he’d only have to contend with his parents in this relationship. He imagine’d they’d come back with something like ‘Did he think really a sikh wizard and a… did Katherine even have a religion? ... white witch could be romantically entwined?’ and ‘She’s not the one we’ve picked right for you’. Satveer genuinely didn’t consider close relatives. Mind you, all his relatives were older so they all looked after him. ‘I wonder if Bal meet Katherine, she’d be like that?’

  • Just have a glass of water - Drew, Thu Aug 2 16:53
    Satveer sounded genuine, although toward the end of his mini-monologue, he also sounded like he was sucking up to Drew, which the Cetus didn’t like so much. He didn’t care about how much Satveer was... more
    • Do I look prepared enough to carry a glass with me? - Satveer, Tue Aug 7 16:22
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