I tried to!
Tue Aug 7, 2018 23:03

See, this was why you wanted to have someone like Remington in your group of friends. Out of everyone in self-defense club, Remington was the most reasonable and calm and normal. Drew needed another sane person to help him deal with Dade’s Dadeness and Kit’s Kitness, and Remington was up for the job. (He had never considered asking Anssi for help corralling those two. It seemed outside the scope of Anssi’s role as a by-default member of the group.) You always had to worry about what you told Dade or Kit, because they could latch onto things and take off running with them before you got the last word out of your mouth. Remington wasn’t like that. She was thoughtful and didn’t jump to conclusions or form impossible-to-change opinions. Thank Merlin for Remington, or else self-defense club would be like herding kneazles.

Her summary of what he’d said was exactly what he meant. Drew let his tensed shoulders drop in relief. “Thanks for taking my word for it,” he said, when it was clear that Remington was going to. This was great. Having someone listen and understand what you meant without arguing or translating it into paranoia-speak was great.

Admittedly, he was a little surprised she hadn’t figured it out from what he’d said. Didn’t she know about the staircases? Drew was pretty sure that all of Cetus did, but maybe no one had ever thought to mention that outside the common room. Didn’t she know about Claudia disliking Holland? Drew was pretty sure that all of RMI did, but maybe Remington counted that as gossip and didn’t trust it. Maybe she just needed more time to think about it. Hopefully she’d tell him if she thought she figured it out—only Drew didn’t tell her that because it seemed kind of like a smug I-know-something-you-don’t-know jerk thing to say.

It would make things easier if Dade would just talk to her (or even him) about what was going on. But Drew didn’t think that was likely right now.

What they were supposed to do about it was a harder question. “I don’t know,” Drew sighed. He leaned back in his chair, tilting his head up to stare at the ceiling. Dade didn’t want help, but his friends couldn’t just do nothing about it. When someone you cared about needed help, you were supposed to help, no matter what. He straightened to face Remington and leaned forward in his chair again, elbows on the library table. “But we have to do something,” he said with conviction. “Rose isn’t here anymore and he doesn’t get along with Connor or his dad. We’re all he’s got.”

  • You didn't warn me! - Remington, Tue Aug 7 19:52
    Getting Drew to believe the true things she said was so much easier than getting Dade to believe them. Even Claudia took a bit of work. Remington wished the others would just hear the logic and the... more
    • I tried to! - Drew, Tue Aug 7 23:03
      • I know you did - Remington, Sat Aug 18 17:39
        Remington shrugged a little. Of course she took Drew’s word for it. All of her friends were a bit different, but of everyone available, Drew was the most likely to tell the relatively unbiased and... more
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