Of course we do
Wed Aug 8, 2018 10:59

From the nook where he was hiding, Dade saw a bow on top of dark hair. Remington - there was nobody else it could be. Nobody in the school wore bows like that except her. That didnít make him feel too much better. On the one hand, Drew said that she was spying on Claudia for Dade, which kind of made sense. On the other hand, it would be very easy to trick Drew. Dadeís friend seemed to be a very trusting person, and Dade was pretty sure that if someone Drew liked told him something, Drew would be inclined to believe it. So maybe Remington was secretly a spy for his side, but she hadnít given him any information about Claudia yet. And what if she was a double agent, saying she was spying for Dade and ready to give him just enough information so that he would believe her, and then secretly taking it all back to Claudia. Dade was fairly certain that Drew wouldnít even think about that because Drew was so nice and would never, ever do something like spy on his friends.

He could go out and greet Remington and see what she had to say, but something was holding him back. Trusting Drew was one thing, but trusting Drewís judgment was another thing. And what if he was wrong, and Remington was just waiting for the chance to hex him for Claudia? Dade wasnít entirely sure that he could hold his own against Remington. He pulled out his wand and gripped it tightly in the hand that wasnít holding the mirror. He was shaking a little bit as he tried to convince himself that Drew was right. Dade didnít want Remington to be a spy for the enemy. He wanted to be friends with her, hang out with her, do self-defense club with her. But it wasnít him stopping the two of them from being friends, it was her. Potentially. Maybe.

Or maybe Drew was right after all and things were about to go back to normal. Dade wasnít sure, and he wasnít sure why he was shaking as much as he was.

All of a sudden, he heard a noise behind him and he whirled around. The mirror, still in one hand, smacked hard against one of the bookshelves, making a loud thud and then something of a crinkle as a crack spread through the face of the mirror. It was probably too much to hope for that Remington hadnít heard that sound, so Dade decided that it was time to make a quick exit. On the other hand - what had the noise behind him been? Was Claudia teaming up with Remington to trap him in the bookshelves? But between the two girls, Dade was much more confident that he could take Claudia in a fight, so he swiftly backed up through the gap in the shelves until he was on the other side, then slid out of view. If he walked quickly and quietly, there was probably still time to make it past the aisle that Remington was in without her noticing. Then from there it was just a matter of getting out of the library, into the Cetus common room, and up to his bedroom where Claudia couldnít follow him.

Thatís what Dade set off to do and he was just past the aisle when he heard another sound. Reflexively, the third-year turned around to see what the noise was, gripping his wand tighter and ready to fire off a quick Body-Bind if necessary.

  • Do we have to? - Remington Burnham, Thu Aug 2 22:11
    Remingtonís sunflower patterned black flats clicked across the floor as the Draco made a beeline for the library. This was not an abnormal occurrence, but the speed at which she walked was more... more
    • Of course we do - Dade, Wed Aug 8 10:59
      • I was the one to initiate - Remington, Wed Aug 8 22:06
        The next spine Remington touched felt sticky, and she wrinkled her nose as she wiped the tips of her fingers against her jeans. Why was it sticky? Dusty was an expected sensation, perhaps even... more
        • Is that something to be proud of? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:01
          Dade did not hex Remington. It was very close. Remington had her wand out and the words were on the tip of Dadeís tongue when he realized that she was pointing the wand at the book she had clearly... more
          • We'll find out after this - Remington, Sat Aug 18 19:00
            Remington looked up from her book when she heard the greeting. She almost turned to look over her shoulder. Dade was saying hey. Dade was saying hey to her. Really? She couldnít remember the last... more
            • Take this as a 'no' - Dade, Tue Aug 21 11:08
              When Remington sat down across from Dade, he relaxed a little bit. It was harder to get into a dueling situation when you were sitting down - it wasnít impossible, just more difficult because at some ... more
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