I was the one to initiate
Wed Aug 8, 2018 22:06

The next spine Remington touched felt sticky, and she wrinkled her nose as she wiped the tips of her fingers against her jeans. Why was it sticky? Dusty was an expected sensation, perhaps even inexplicably damp and moldy, but not sticky. Perhaps the book was one that had a mind of its own. Some of the books in the library did that. One liked to disappear its words every so often, while another liked to give little static electricity shocks if you spent too long holding it open.

What made some books like that? Were they enchanted or cursed? Perhaps the pages were made from magical trees that had their own properties. She’d read somewhere that wands could potentially act as though they could make choices, outside of the wand choosing the owner thing, and those were made of trees. Maybe the books were slightly aware in that way and created their own defenses. That wasn’t what she was here to research, though, and she pushed the thought away. First, she had to find the book to prove to Malachi that she was right, and then she could look up why magical books were sometimes defensive.

Oh, there it was. The book matched her mental image, faded golden scrawl and all. It was no wonder the title slipped her memory; the letters looked even more worn than before. They looked like calligraphy, but then they seemed to swirl and sway into something else, never taking a solid form against the red spine. The golden writing even crawled over the brown leather rings over the sides before retreating back. It must have had a title or some other identifying feature that made it sortable in a library, but Remington was not privy to what that detail might be.

She did, however, figure out that the book was quite heavy. The Draco was able to lift it off the shelf with a bit of effort. Carrying books was the closest thing to weight lifting the non-athlete did, and she hadn’t even done that lately. She’d taken to practicing her nonverbal magic, starting off with a simple levitation charm, and she used it to carry the books with her around the library. Her success rate was starting to climb past fifty percent.

There was a loud thud and another sound from between the aisles that Remington couldn’t identify. It almost sounded like someone had hit their hand or bumped their head. She didn’t hear anyone cry out, though, and when she peered around the corner, weighed down by the nameless book in her arms, there was no one there. Weird. She shrugged it off and made her way out of the book area. And when she turned the corner, Dade was there.

He didn’t see her, because she was walking slightly behind him, and she thought of saying something. Anything. Drew helped her understand what was going on in Dade’s mind a bit more, but that didn’t mean she knew what to do about it. Maybe a simple hello would do, and he could choose to run away or not. She immediately became distracted from making a nonchalant and calm greeting when the heavy book slipped out of her arms, landing right on top of her left sneaker.

Remington squeaked and took a stumble back, pulling her now throbbing toe out from under the book. How was that even fair? Ow! Her brown eyes watered and she wiped at them with the back of her hand before removing her wand from behind her ear with a frustrated sigh. She pointed it at the unnecessarily heavy book, Dade currently forgotten, and focused, thinking about the spell she’d been getting better and better at. The book twitched but seemed content with staying on the ground. Damn.

  • Of course we do - Dade, Wed Aug 8 10:59
    From the nook where he was hiding, Dade saw a bow on top of dark hair. Remington - there was nobody else it could be. Nobody in the school wore bows like that except her. That didn’t make him feel... more
    • I was the one to initiate - Remington, Wed Aug 8 22:06
      • Is that something to be proud of? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:01
        Dade did not hex Remington. It was very close. Remington had her wand out and the words were on the tip of Dade’s tongue when he realized that she was pointing the wand at the book she had clearly... more
        • We'll find out after this - Remington, Sat Aug 18 19:00
          Remington looked up from her book when she heard the greeting. She almost turned to look over her shoulder. Dade was saying hey. Dade was saying hey to her. Really? She couldn’t remember the last... more
          • Take this as a 'no' - Dade, Tue Aug 21 11:08
            When Remington sat down across from Dade, he relaxed a little bit. It was harder to get into a dueling situation when you were sitting down - it wasn’t impossible, just more difficult because at some ... more
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