I know you did
Sat Aug 18, 2018 17:39

Remington shrugged a little. Of course she took Drew’s word for it. All of her friends were a bit different, but of everyone available, Drew was the most likely to tell the relatively unbiased and accurate truth. Kit told the truth, but that was often from Kit’s perspective, and everyone knew how absolutely skewed that was. You could trust that what she said was true to her, but who really knew what that meant in this reality? Dade was - well, that was the problem. And, actually, quite similar to Kit Dade fully believed that Claudia wanted to do him harm, and despite any proof to the contrary, it seemed like that was going to be what he thought. How were they supposed to fix that?

It made no sense. From what she understood, until their interaction after that one Defense class, Claudia and Dade got along. If they didn’t get along they’d at least been indifferent towards each other. She’d never heard Dade complain about her. She didn’t understand why Dade would suddenly feel so unsafe towards someone he didn’t openly dislike that he’d turn on them. Was it some kind of weird pureblood thing?

She knew nothing about pureblood stuff. The only thing she could imagine that would cause such nonsense was something equally ridiculous. Like, betrothals. It was a stupid messed up world that forced people her age to think about who they wanted to marry and have kids with after graduation. What, had Claudia and Dade been paired up and gone hopefully wrong?, that was a stupid thought. That wouldn’t even get this kind of reaction out of Dade. Maybe. Probably. Ugh, why couldn’t he just talk to her?

Drew was just as clueless about this as she was. She sighed and rested her elbows back on the table, her chin in her hands. ”Rose isn’t here anymore and he doesn’t get along with Connor or his dad. We’re all he’s got.”

“I know. I wish he’d be less of a jerk about it.” She managed a small smile. “Look, I’ll do better about being there for him. Even if he’s being ridiculous.”

  • I tried to! - Drew, Tue Aug 7 23:03
    See, this was why you wanted to have someone like Remington in your group of friends. Out of everyone in self-defense club, Remington was the most reasonable and calm and normal. Drew needed another... more
    • I know you did - Remington, Sat Aug 18 17:39
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