Well that's too bad
Fri Feb 3, 2017 18:42

Armaan groaned as the kid started talking once more. All he wanted was to have a quick nap in the library. That was it. Why did that have to be so difficult? The sixth-year sighed the deepest of sighs. Clearly someone had to teach this kid societyís basic rules. Like the fact that first-years werenít supposed to bug sixth-years, especially when they were trying to sleep.

He rolled his beanie up and glared at the kid, the remnants of sleep disappearing from his eyes. He reached into his pocket and - hell - his wand wasnít there. He reached into the pocket but didnít feel it. He'd been frustrated before but now he was getting mad. From the corner of his eye he saw his wand on the floor. He huffed and stretched for it.

ďFirst of all, kid, magic isnít rationed. You canít really waste a spell, so you might as well as admit youíre the one being lazy.Ē Armaanís words were labored as he barely brushed his wand with his fingertips. The movement nearly caused it to roll away but a quick lunge brought it into his grasp.

Finally! He lifted himself back onto the couch, nearly falling in the process. The whole display Armaan had put on was ridiculous, but he didnít care. His butt was going to stay on the couch no matter what. It was a matter of principle. He glared at the first-year once more.

ďAnd second of all, I highly suggest you find somewhere else to read. Or you might find yourself in a bit of a tight spot.Ē With that, he sneakily pointed his wand at the boy and muttered ďTarantallegra.Ē If the spell worked, the first-year would start dancing uncontrollably. Armaan was pretty confident about his spellwork skills, and by extension, his ability to jinx people, but that didnít mean his spells worked every time.

  • Well I'm not, thanks. - Nalo, Sun Jan 22 13:44
    Nalo gawked as the boy simply rolled his hat back over his eyes and waved him away. Had he not been clear? He had thought he had asked rather politely in fact. He could feel himself getting flustered ... more
    • Well that's too bad - Armaan, Fri Feb 3 18:42
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