We'll find out after this
Sat Aug 18, 2018 19:00

Remington looked up from her book when she heard the greeting. She almost turned to look over her shoulder. Dade was saying hey. Dade was saying hey to her. Really? She couldn’t remember the last time her friend said anything to her. In the past months, it felt like he hadn’t even sighed in her general direction. But here he was, saying hey, even smiling a little. What had Drew said to Dade?

“Hey,” she smiled back. There was no hesitation, and she tried not to sound eager or excited. Just normal. Because if this were any other time but recently, this would be normal. She returned her focus to her book. It moved a little, nearly lifting off the ground, before settling back down. She wasn’t a quitter and would have continued trying until it worked, so it was for the best that Dade picked up her book. She thanked him and placed the book on a table nearby before deciding to follow him. Her continued debate with Malachi could wait.

She peeked carefully around the corner. Dade had slid into a sitting position, and he seemed pretty okay. She determined that this was probably the first time in a long time that it looked like she could approach him without it going horribly wrong. She fully believed Dade wouldn’t do something crazy like hex her (because, come on, they all knew she’d win that fight) but that wouldn’t stop him from running away or saying really hurtful stuff.

The Draco sat down opposite Dade. She didn’t say anything, because she wasn’t sure what to say. Thankfully, Dade spoke first. The question he asked, though, wasn’t something she was thrilled about. She knew Drew told Dade that she was spying on Claudia for them. Remington wasn’t interested in playing along, but she told Drew she was going to do better when it came to trying to help Dade. There had to be a happy medium between helping Dade and not playing in to his paranoia.

Maybe this was a good time to try.

“You really scared her. Freaked her out,” Remington said quietly, but confidently. “Honestly, it seems to me that she’s got no interest in bothering you. She got the message to keep her distance pretty loud and clear.” And that was true. She’d never gotten the sense that Claudia wanted to go out of her way to get back at Dade. It seemed like, for both of them, that if they left each other alone, everything would be fine.

  • Is that something to be proud of? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 19:01
    Dade did not hex Remington. It was very close. Remington had her wand out and the words were on the tip of Dade’s tongue when he realized that she was pointing the wand at the book she had clearly... more
    • We'll find out after this - Remington, Sat Aug 18 19:00
      • Take this as a 'no' - Dade, Tue Aug 21 11:08
        When Remington sat down across from Dade, he relaxed a little bit. It was harder to get into a dueling situation when you were sitting down - it wasn’t impossible, just more difficult because at some ... more
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