Take this as a 'no'
Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:08

When Remington sat down across from Dade, he relaxed a little bit. It was harder to get into a dueling situation when you were sitting down - it wasn’t impossible, just more difficult because at some point you had to scramble to your feet or put yourself at a major disadvantage. The fact that Remington was actually sitting down indicated to Dade that Drew was actually right. Maybe Dade shouldn’t have second-guessed his friend when it came to this. After all, this term would be a lot better now that he had a man on the inside, so to speak. With knowledge of what Claudia was up to, Dade would more easily circumvent her plans and could plan for any surprise attacks she was planning on making. It would just be a matter of making sure Remington stayed a secret agent, but Remington was smart and -

Dade realized what Remington was saying and froze for a second. His heartbeat picked up, more closely resembling a small mammal’s. His hands felt icy and there was a lump in his throat that he couldn’t quite manage to swallow past. His mind was racing but he couldn’t make his body move for what felt like way too long. Finally, his legs got the memo and he popped up, ducking through the gap in the shelves he had briefly hidden in before and bolting right out of the library. Dade had always been fast but before he started playing Quidditch, he hadn’t had very much endurance. Now, although he hadn’t been playing for very long, his endurance had improved some and he was able to keep up his pace for longer. Not all the way back to the Cetus dorms, but long enough for him to remember the charm that Holland had sent him. They had made it for a project in one of their MIT classes, and it held a shield charm.

Between panting breaths, Dade said the word that Holland had told him would activate the charm. They had helpfully written out the word phonetically, since it was in some language he definitely didn’t know how to speak. He wasn’t entirely sure how strong the charm was so he wouldn’t dally on the remainder of his trip, but he was confident that it was at least strong enough to repel the sort of hex, curse, or jinx that someone might use at the beginning of a duel. If he felt something ping off the shield, he would know to pick up the pace again.

Fortunately the shield charm remained undisturbed as Dade gave the password and entered the Cetus commonroom, then dodged quickly up the stairs until he opened the door to his room, closed it, and fell on his bed. He deactivated the shield charm with the other word Holland had written for him. Between being in Cetus, the Age Line, and the shield charm Dade knew that he didn’t have to worry about anyone coming after him all the way to his room, but that knowledge didn’t make him relax immediately. Eventually Dade’s breathing and heart rate slowed, although his thoughts kept whirling around and every muscle in his body felt tense. He thought about telling Drew about the development with Remington, but he had the sneaking suspicion that Drew wasn’t going to believe him. Dade’s friend was very nice but he always believed the best of people unless he had a really good reason to otherwise, and Dade was sure that Drew would be able to come up with a reason that Remington was so obviously on Claudia’s side. Dade, however, was more tuned in with reality. He knew what was going on. It was just one more person that was involved in Claudia’s plot against him.

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    Remington looked up from her book when she heard the greeting. She almost turned to look over her shoulder. Dade was saying hey. Dade was saying hey to her. Really? She couldn’t remember the last... more
    • Take this as a 'no' - Dade, Tue Aug 21 11:08
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