Emmett Lawrence
What comes next?
Tue Sep 4, 2018 11:01

The only time Emmett had spent in the library in previous years, he had been attached to someone else who actually wanted to be there. To Holland or to Rose, usually. But this year, there was no Holland and there was no Rose, but there was an Emmett with nobody to help him do homework and also college stuff to work on, so here he was, pretending he was smart.

And he wasnít not smart - he was a solid middle-of-the-road student, just trying his best. The applications laid out before him were, however, a bit overzealous on his part. Namely, on the top of the stack, he was currently working on an essay for Harvard. Beneath that was the application for MIT.

To say that Emmett had big dreams was not completely accurate. He didnít really care much about the collegiate path other than knowing he should go, and he had no planned out career he was chasing. But MIT had Holland and Harvard had Rose, so those were the places he wanted to be. He also had one for Adams College, which had Marissa, so that was an option too. The three of them had all managed to end up in the same area, so most if not all of the colleges he had gotten applications for were there, too, but to actually be with one of them was his only true goal.

He missed them. Danny, too. Things around here just werenít the same, and for once, he was sort of looking forward to the end of the year. He just had to nail down his path before that could come. Blue eyes glanced down at the essay heíd sputtered onto the page over the last few days, then searched the perimeter for a second opinion. He made eye contact with someone across the way, but having been staring at closer proximity items for so long, his eyes hadnít completely adjusted to the distance, so he couldnít tell immediately who it was. Feeling awkward, he waved anyway, and just hoped it wasnít, like, Myffi or Russell or somebody else stupid.

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