Norah Nilssen
Pretending to be normal
Sun Sep 23, 2018 15:05

Norah felt strange. She’d gotten up so easily from the table she’d been sitting at with her brother but the strangest thing had still been watching her words get written out by a quill. When Mama had explained to her that Brynjolf couldn’t hear them talk anymore, she hadn’t really understood it. But then Brynjolf had come home and she’d called out for him and he- he hadn’t responded at all. It wasn’t until she was right in his face, demanding to know why he was ignoring her that she was forced to understand. It wasn’t that her brother wasn’t listening, it was that he couldn’t hear anything anymore. She couldn’t get the picture of his sad face out of her head no matter how much she tried.

It wasn’t fair. Her jokes and pranks didn’t seem funny any more and there wasn’t any point in trying to get him into trouble. He just didn’t do anything. He’d sit with books or something that he didn’t have to listen to, but that look was still there and Norah didn’t know what it was. She wanted her brother back, the one who only pretended not to hear her because of one ear. The brother who she tried to bother all the time because it was fun. Anything but this Brynjolf would be good. But he wouldn’t come back. The look on his face when she’d left the Finer Diner was the same one that had been there since the day they came home and Norah didn’t like it.

She’d tried to help. Being nice to Brynjolf was easier than she’d thought it would be, but maybe that was just because he was so quiet all the time. She’d overhead him telling Mama that he didn’t like talking anymore, something about not ever knowing whether he was just thinking the words or saying them outloud. It was then that Norah realized that even the sound of his own voice wasn’t something Brynjolf could hear. She couldn’t imagine it and she’d never have to.

They’d done some funny tests on her blood and Papa said that she didn’t have to worry about losing her own ears. She didn’t have what Brynjolf did. But even Papa had a funny look on his face. More than anything, Norah just wanted things to go back to normal. Shuffling slowly into the library, Norah plopped down into a comfy chair to sit. She’d originally come to study, but the look on Brynjolf’s face as he pushed uneaten pancakes around still swam in her mind. And Brynjolf loved pancakes more than anything and even those couldn’t make him happy! The blonde girl frowned as she stared at the fingers that she’d folded together in her skirt. Glancing up to one of the other occupants of the area, she spoke. “Do you know how to make someone happy who doesn’t remember how to be?”

    • Normal is overrated - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Sep 23 20:53
      Nolan’s leg stump was being all stupid today, so he hadn’t been able to put his prosthetic on and go riding. He put on a cooling salve before pulling on jeans with the left leg sewn shut, which... more
      • But being weird is too weird! - Norah, Wed Sep 26 17:56
        “But even pancakes don’t make Brynjolf happy!” Norah crowed before slapping a hand over her mouth, glancing around with a hope that she hadn’t disturbed anyone. When no one shushed her, the Lyra... more
        • This is definitely too weird - Nolan, Thu Sep 27 17:55
          “ But even pancakes don’t make Brynjolf happy! ” the first year wailed, seemingly at random, in the middle of the library. Nolan was beginning to regret not pretending that he was deaf or had thought ... more
          • That's why I'm pretending - Anonymous, Sun Oct 7 12:18
            “Mama says Brynjolf won’t be able to hear again,” Norah replied, moving to sit in her chair with slightly slumped shoulders, hands folded neatly in her lap. She had a mind of where she was and knew... more
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