Leopold Harris
Fix my life, please?
Sun Sep 23, 2018 18:11

Now his relationship with Myffi was ‘official’ and ‘exclusive’, and all that squirmy stuff, Leo’s emotions sprang between elation and unease as he came to understand he was on borrowed time. He didn’t need to arrange a small survey of the student population to know if asked, they’d admit, Leo was the one punching above his weight. It was only a matter of time until Myffi wised up and dumped his sorry ass.

Leo was not a catch. His life prospects weren’t that great. Ask any professor and they’d have a hard time selling the idea that Leo was book smart. And then there was the whole-getting held back, almost twenty at graduation thing which Leo had been thinking a lot about recently- he was being optimistic here to assume he had the brains to make it that far. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Leo was younger than her to begin with! Once Myffi graduated and was out in the ‘real world’ meeting mature men who could actually grow beards, she’d soon tire of dating school boy, Leo.

He hadn’t even got her a Christmas present. Buying a present for Myffi had just felt too overwhelming. You couldn’t just grab a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers at the gas station. Everything had to be ethically sourced and good for the environment- things that made Leo’s head hurt. But he’d been fired from his latest job- a stint as an unhappy barista- just before break so he was hoping that let him off the hook. He’d sent her a card, well, Eugene had insisted on crafting one. The passion project included a misshapen sheep wearing a santa hat that Leo thought might have been insulting but had allowed anyway. Apart from refusing to let Eugene coat the entire thing in glitter all Leo did was sign his name under his little brother’s but he was sure Myffi would appreciate the sentiment.

Christmas had been more dramatic than usual. Brandy had had the baby but she was still refusing to move back home and instead insisted on taking up residence with her dumb boyfriend and his mother. Because of course, of course, the guy lived with his mom. Leo had bit his tongue as best he could but he’d been secretly seething the entire festive season.

It had all got Leo thinking about his own future, he had no intention of ending up a twenty-four year old who lived with his mom, didn’t pay rent and ate cheetos for two of his three meals a day. But he hadn’t yet figured out how to prevent such a bleak future. He’d holed himself up in the library with the intention of brainstorming career prospects but so far all he’d scrawled on the page was his aspiration to win the lottery and his old childhood dream of being a firefighter- because the last time Leo had thought about jobs he’d been about eight. Feeling that perhaps a second opinion was necessary, Leo scrunched up a sheet of parchment he’d doodled a sleeping dragon on earlier, and tossed it with practiced aim at the head of someone sitting close by. “Hey,” he called out in a hoarse whisper, “come here a second.”

    • Let me think about that. - Petra Stiglitz, Sun Oct 7 18:22
      Petra had decided to take up refuge in the library, now that it was too cold and dreary on Pearl Street for her to be comfortable there. Pouring over her books in the library wasn’t the same, and... more
      • Leo’s eyebrows knitted together as he stared, puzzled, across the desk at Petra. “What are you on about?” he began, searching his memory for which incident of insensitivity she might be referring... more
        • You can't rush this. - Petra, Sun Oct 14 16:59
          Petra gave the boy in front of her a stern look. It was one that said he knew exactly what she was on about. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for it to dawn on him and the blonde nodded. She... more
          • Perfection takes time - Leo, Tue Nov 6 17:06
            Leo resisted the urge to laugh as Petra sent a series of stern looks in his direction, like a disgruntled little sister, but she seemed to thaw slightly with his admission of fault, and Leo allowed... more
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