Nolan Ramsey
Normal is overrated
Sun Sep 23, 2018 20:53

Nolan’s leg stump was being all stupid today, so he hadn’t been able to put his prosthetic on and go riding. He put on a cooling salve before pulling on jeans with the left leg sewn shut, which helped with the pain a little. It didn’t make him any less annoyed with the situation as he crutched his way to the library and was grumpily skimming a super dull book about agriculture.

Nolan was very, very, very slowly coming to terms with the idea that he might possibly have to have a job besides inheriting and managing the ranch. It was all Uncle Virgil’s fault—Nolan wouldn’t have mattered to the Ramsey reputation, except now he was the heir and he did. Grandpa Ramsey was very interested in Nolan going into law or government. Nolan was very interested in saying to hell with that, he could just manage the Ramsey estates, which seemed to be a full time job anyway because they owned a lot of property. He had a feeling Grandpa Ramsey might not agree, but Nolan was nothing if not stubborn and he was pretty sure he could just dig his heels in and, like, it wasn’t like they had a lot of options then.

He hadn’t actually said to hell with anything, because you could never say that to your grandfather, but he’d expressed that he was most interested in Magizoobotany and Grandma Ramsey had given Nolan a book on magical agriculture. It wasn’t interesting, but he sure would like to hear what Myffi had to say about how large amounts of food were transported around the wizarding parts of the country. Probably that it was the worst thing since fur and should be banned in favor of community gardens.

Nolan was taking a break after reaching a chapter on the history of certain regulations (who would ever even want to know that?) when a younger student looked directly at him and said, “Do you know how to make someone happy who doesn’t remember how to be?

That was a mighty strange thing for anyone to ask, especially a first year. Firsties weren’t supposed to ask weird melancholy philosophical questions. They were supposed to ask where the secret passageways were (Nolan didn’t know and was starting to think they were a myth) or whether Professor Boot was a hard grader (totally unpredictable. Nolan had been taking History of Magic the whole two years he’d been at RMI and he thought he’d gotten maybe fourteen assignments back, with grades ranging from Os to Ds to, mysteriously, “3.5” on an eight page essay. Everyone Nolan had compared with had also gotten 3.5 on that assignment, so that was probably an okay score).

Anyway, the question was weird and weirdly-phrased besides. What did she mean, someone who didn’t remember how to be happy? The knly situation he could think of where that might happen was, like, if someone had been around dementors for too long and had all the joy sucked out of them.

“Uhhh,” Nolan said, drawing the sound out so he had time to think of an answer. One of his crutches, which was leaning against his chair, fell over as he shifted uncomfortably, but he didn’t move to pick it up. “I guess have ‘em do things that used to make ‘em happy? Unless they’re sad about those things,” he added, as that possibility occurred to him. “In which case, uh, I guess do the opposite of that?”

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    • Normal is overrated - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Sep 23 20:53
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