But being weird is too weird!
Wed Sep 26, 2018 17:56

“But even pancakes don’t make Brynjolf happy!” Norah crowed before slapping a hand over her mouth, glancing around with a hope that she hadn’t disturbed anyone. When no one shushed her, the Lyra turned her attention back to the other student. She slumped down into her seat, pondering the response to her question. Blonde eyebrows furrowed, creasing her forehead and causing her to wrinkle her nose. Norah didn’t really know what made Brynjolf happy. He liked plants and he liked pancakes and she could sort of remember some kind of rivalry with a boot that was weird but seemed to make him all serious and smirky. But Brynjolf wouldn’t even crack a smile these days so she seriously doubted that those things would help at all.

The girl couldn’t think of anything that would make her brother be like he used to be. Mama had tried to explain that he probably wouldn’t be like that for a long time, but he could still do most things right? His little quill helped him hear and while it wasn’t hearing at all it was better than nothing! He could be forced to not hear without magic and that would be like a gazillion times worse. But still, Norah couldn’t image what life would be like without being able to hear anything at all. If that happened, she wasn’t sure she would like the things that she normally did either. Maybe she couldn’t fix Brynjolf even if she tried.

If he was stuck like that forever, Norah wouldn’t really like it. Never playing tricks or getting him in trouble again wouldn’t have the same effect that it normally did. Besides, Mama would just tiptoe around him because Brynjolf had come home crying. Her brother did not cry in front of people, or if he did he was really good at hiding it. He was good at hiding everything but that had never phased Norah. Now he showed a lot and that was weird. Almost weirder than the idea of him not being able to hear anything.

“Brynjolf doesn’t like anything anymore and I don’t know what to do.” The blonde said, tears pricking at the corner of hers eyes. She was just so frustrated! “I don’t know that I can do anything but if there’s something I need to do it, right?”

  • Normal is overrated - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Sep 23 20:53
    Nolan’s leg stump was being all stupid today, so he hadn’t been able to put his prosthetic on and go riding. He put on a cooling salve before pulling on jeans with the left leg sewn shut, which... more
    • But being weird is too weird! - Norah, Wed Sep 26 17:56
      • This is definitely too weird - Nolan, Thu Sep 27 17:55
        “ But even pancakes don’t make Brynjolf happy! ” the first year wailed, seemingly at random, in the middle of the library. Nolan was beginning to regret not pretending that he was deaf or had thought ... more
        • That's why I'm pretending - Anonymous, Sun Oct 7 12:18
          “Mama says Brynjolf won’t be able to hear again,” Norah replied, moving to sit in her chair with slightly slumped shoulders, hands folded neatly in her lap. She had a mind of where she was and knew... more
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