Claudia Dubois
Tell me I'm Wrong [Drew, Remy]
Fri Sep 28, 2018 13:59

Claudia had spent the whole night lying awake. Of all the spells in her arsenal, creative and mundane, she had yet to master anything that would prevent a person from entering her dormitory uninvited. She had locked the door, of course, but beginner students were taught alohomora. Admittedly Dade was repeating his third year, but Claudia knew he could cast strong spells when he wanted to, and while she had before acknowledged the potential for him to be able to climb the girls’ staircase, she had not - until her epiphany the previous day - been kept awake for an entire night for this reason. She had thought about asking Mr Tennant if she could sleep in the infirmary again, but she had been making such excellent progress with handling her anxiety that she would inevitably have to explain the reasoning for this colossal step backwards.

Therein lay the conundrum. Claudia had no proof that Dade was… that Dade could climb the girls’ staircase. She only had proof that the boys’ stairs sometimes rejected him. She also had proof that Dade would attack her if given the opportunity, and she had the knowledge that Holland and Drew had still supported him even after this violent - and completely unwarranted - outburst. This suggested to Claudia that Andrew was privy to the information she had deduced. She could not, however, be certain that Garen Tennant was duly apprised of the situation. Therefore she relay her concerns to the counselor, but her theory might be rejected. After all, it was hardly common for a person to switch genders, and RMI had already had one such anomaly in its recent history. Even Claudia doubted the apparent truth, but with the stairs and the clothes, and those things Remy said about the group of them learning spells to keep safe from others, and Claudia being hexed right after the boggarts, and Dade stopping talking to her after the Holland incident, and Holland supporting Dade, and shopping with Dade, and the youngest Farnon not going home to his family for the past year, and everything convinced Claudia she was right.

Yet if she was going to the administration, she needed to be more than convinced: she needed absolute and certain knowledge. Moreover, she wanted to tell Dade that if this was, in fact, the reason that he had hexed her, that he was an idiot and she could not care less if he was really a she. Connor would probably vehemently object to the reality, and obviously she would be there to support her friend, but it did not affect Claudia in the slightest. Of course, she was absolutely not going to approach the younger student herself: she still believed that Dade would hex her the first opportunity he got. As she lay awake fretting the first night back at school, Claudia contemplated every angle, and eventually decided that she would simply have to confront Andrew on the matter.

Exhausted from a sleepless night, and unable to contemplate eating anything at all, Claudia went to the library on the first morning back - where she could stay safely within sight of Ms Toladaeri - certain that Remington would visit that location at her earliest convenience, whereupon Claudia would ask the Draco to arrange the opportunity. Fortuitously, Remington did appear, and she was accompanied by Andrew. Metaphorical butterflies fluttered up a storm within Claudia’s chest as the fifth year watched the younger students settle together at a table. Then, just in case Dade would soon join them there - Remington had not indicated that Dade was speaking to her again, but she couldn’t be too careful - Claudia joined them almost immediately. Without listening to any argument that might be voiced, she sat promptly in a vacant seat at their table and clasped her shaking hands on the table top in a gesture of reprieve from any lingering animosity.

“I want to talk to you about Dade,” she said, speaking directly to Drew. From everything that Remy said over the last few months, Claudia did not believe the other girl knew about Dade, but she did not object to her being there as witness to the conversation. She did not hesitate as she progressed: she had already thought about how to proceed, and did not desire to be interrupted. “The boys’ staircases reject him because he belongs on the other side.” She did not phrase it as a question. “I couldn’t sleep last night because I’m terrified he will come into my dormitory and hex me,” she said levelly, sufficiently familiar with this scenario by now that she could detach emotionally from her confession. “Unless you can assure me I’m worrying about nothing, I’m going straight to Mr Tennant” - because while Professor McKindy was the Head of House, it could not be clearer that he was not on Claudia’s side when it came to her personal safety - “with my concerns.”

    • I’ll never tell - Andrew Tennant, Sat Sep 29 15:49
      It had only been, like, a day since Daaaaahkota (hey, Drew was gonna screw up, it had only been, like, a day) had asked him to start using the new name. So far Drew really hadn’t had a chance to use... more
      • Are you sure? - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:23
        “Huh?” Of the things Remington Burnham expected to hear today, this was not it. She hadn’t planned for it. She’d marked all of her classes for the day down in her planner, as well as the time she’d... more
        • I make no such promise - Claudia, Tue Oct 2 06:44
          Remington’s reaction confirmed Claudia’s suspicions that Dade’s gender identity was news to the Draco. However she was far more interested in how Andrew made no attempt to deny her assumption: this... more
          • How about a pinky swear? - Drew, Sat Oct 6 03:01
            Drew had already decided it was pretty awful that Claudia knew about Dade being trans and had told him, because he was pretty sure that meant he should tell Dade, and he really didn’t want to do... more
            • Can I just go? - Remington, Wed Oct 10 18:05
              Remington knew that this information didn’t change anything. It just provided new information. However Dade identified didn’t change who Dade was - or was it Dade? When people changed their gender,... more
              • Nope - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 15:53
                “Wait a sec, I just told you you had nothing to worry about,” Drew argued, “like you asked.” Claudia realized she should have been more specific: she would only accept that Dade couldn’t enter the... more
                • Then I might - Drew, Mon Oct 15 23:18
                  Yet again, Drew was overwhelmingly glad that Remington was there and was a normal human person who could look at what was going on and use normal human logic to figure out what they should do. It... more
                  • We are all messes - Remington, Mon Oct 29 16:17
                    What was she supposed to do with this? Really, Remington loved having information. Research was one of her top five favorite activities. Possibly even top three. She loved practical applications of... more
                    • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
                      “If you keep refusing to be in the same place as Dade, and Dade keeps refusing to be in the same place as you, then of course you’re never gonna be able to agree to a ceasefire,” Drew said, and... more
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