Andrew Tennant
I’ll never tell
Sat Sep 29, 2018 15:49

It had only been, like, a day since Daaaaahkota (hey, Drew was gonna screw up, it had only been, like, a day) had asked him to start using the new name. So far Drew really hadn’t had a chance to use it, because there were only so many times in a two-person conversation that you could use the other person’s name before it seemed weird. It’d be easier to get used to when he could talk to Anssi and Kit.

Drew really thought Remington should know too. Maybe then things could go back to normal. She’d understand why Dade had been so weird the last year, and Dade would realize Remington was trustworthy. But Drew didn’t see Dakota telling her in the near future, and he wasn’t going to tell Remington himself. She was pretty smart, though, so maybe she would figure it out on her own and it’d accomplish the same thing.

They had plans to meet up in the library anyway, but Claudia sat down with them uninvited before they really got into anything. Before Drew had a chance to say something (he didn’t know what he was going to say to her, but “you’re not invited to this conversation” was pretty high up on the list), Claudia said that she wanted to talk about Dade. And then she started talking about Dade, and Drew completely froze staring at her. You gotta be kidding me, Drew thought, not sure what to do. He looked at Remington, but she seemed as surprised by the news as Drew had been by the person who’d delivered it. Claudia had figured it out before Remy did? Claudia? Drew sighed heavily and just barely resisted the urge to bang his head on the table.

Also, was saying she’d tell his dad a threat? Drew played out how that would go in his head. If Claudia told Dad that Dade was trans, he’d… pull Dade into his office so they could talk about it, because that was what counselors did. If Drew had to guess, he would guess that that would probably just make Dade uncomfortable because it was too soon, but on the other hand, it would actually kind of help Drew if his dad knew. It was already such a relief that Dade had decided to tell Kit and Anssi. This whole time Drew had been the only person who knew and now two whole other people knew, and they were both his friends, so that was awesome.

And what was Drew supposed to do now? He wasn’t going to tell Dade Dakota’s mortal enemy what he knew. But he’d hesitated way too long to outright lie and tell Claudia that that was ridiculous. Besides, he was pretty sure Remington wouldn’t believe it even if he denied all of it. So Drew wasn’t going to say that Claudia was right, but he couldn’t convincingly say she was wrong.

Not even touching the older Cetus’ reason for being terrified, Drew eventually said, “Dade’s terrified that you’re gonna attack him.” Drew didn’t add ‘because you have a reputation for being transphobic’ because that shouldn’t be a surprise or anything to Claudia. Besides, the only reason Dade had hexed Claudia last year was because he thought she was following him. Going after Claudia (on her own turf, even) wasn’t Dade’s style. And Dakota doesn’t want anyone besides me, Anssi, and Kit to know about the new thing, Drew thought, so there’s no way she’s going to risk getting caught going up to the girls’ dorms to hex Claudia in her sleep. “He wouldn’t hex you in your sleep. Even if he could,” he added quickly. Lack of denial was as good as confirmation.

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    • I’ll never tell - Andrew Tennant, Sat Sep 29 15:49
      • Are you sure? - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:23
        “Huh?” Of the things Remington Burnham expected to hear today, this was not it. She hadn’t planned for it. She’d marked all of her classes for the day down in her planner, as well as the time she’d... more
        • I make no such promise - Claudia, Tue Oct 2 06:44
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          • How about a pinky swear? - Drew, Sat Oct 6 03:01
            Drew had already decided it was pretty awful that Claudia knew about Dade being trans and had told him, because he was pretty sure that meant he should tell Dade, and he really didn’t want to do... more
            • Can I just go? - Remington, Wed Oct 10 18:05
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              • Nope - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 15:53
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                • Then I might - Drew, Mon Oct 15 23:18
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                    • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
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