Remington Burnham
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Mon Oct 1, 2018 21:23


Of the things Remington Burnham expected to hear today, this was not it. She hadn’t planned for it. She’d marked all of her classes for the day down in her planner, as well as the time she’d set aside to meet Drew. Her favorite place to spend her time was in the library; it always had been. She figured she’d go there with Drew, maybe do some homework and work on an article for Rocky Voices, and possibly casually slip in a question or two about dating. Not dating Drew, but dating Malachi. Or asking Malachi on a date.

That was supposed to be the most complicated part of her day. She’d hoped to ask Malachi on the coffee date that evening before she went to bed. They sometimes talked at the end of the school day in the Draco commons, especially if they’d shared a class earlier that made their brains go in circles. She was supposed to get it over with the day before, but she met DJ instead, and helping the new Draco took precedent.

She didn’t expect this. Whatever it was.

When Claudia sat, the darker skinned girl gave her a small smile and planned on saying hello, but there wasn’t time. Talking was happening. And the talking was confusing and weird and… Drew wasn’t denying it.

Her brow furrowed and she placed her flair pen down on the table. There had been a moment a long time ago that the possibility of Dade having gender stuff going on had crossed her mind. She’d come to the conclusion that that was ridiculous because, well… “No, that’s not - Dade would have…” she trailed off.

She’d almost said that Dade would have told her. It made her dismiss the idea the only time it ever came up. Dade was her first friend at RMI and was her first best friend. No matter how bad things got, she’d thought if something big was happening in his life, he would have told her. Acknowledging this as a thing, as well as the fact that he didn’t tell her, meant their friendship was truly over. Oh.

Remington pushed the heavy feeling in her chest away. She’d deal with those emotions later.

It was like she finally saw what the picture was supposed to be for the puzzle she’d spent nearly a term trying to put together. Everything made sense. Remington looked at Drew, feeling something between hurt that Dade hated her so much to not trust her and embarrassed that she couldn’t have figured it out herself. She was an intelligent person; how was she the last person to come to the conclusion?!

“So Dade is…? Okay,” she looked so confused but accepted that. Looked like she had more things to research besides dating habits teens like her were supposed to be experiencing. She suddenly understood better why Dade would be so scared and suspicious of Claudia, but she also believed that Claudia didn’t want to do anything to the other Cetus. “Can we… sorry, I don’t know how to - I still stand firm in my belief that neither of you are actually going to hex each other at this point. Everyone’s too freaked out, whatever the details might be.”

  • I’ll never tell - Andrew Tennant, Sat Sep 29 15:49
    It had only been, like, a day since Daaaaahkota (hey, Drew was gonna screw up, it had only been, like, a day) had asked him to start using the new name. So far Drew really hadn’t had a chance to use... more
    • Are you sure? - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:23
      • I make no such promise - Claudia, Tue Oct 2 06:44
        Remington’s reaction confirmed Claudia’s suspicions that Dade’s gender identity was news to the Draco. However she was far more interested in how Andrew made no attempt to deny her assumption: this... more
        • How about a pinky swear? - Drew, Sat Oct 6 03:01
          Drew had already decided it was pretty awful that Claudia knew about Dade being trans and had told him, because he was pretty sure that meant he should tell Dade, and he really didn’t want to do... more
          • Can I just go? - Remington, Wed Oct 10 18:05
            Remington knew that this information didn’t change anything. It just provided new information. However Dade identified didn’t change who Dade was - or was it Dade? When people changed their gender,... more
            • Nope - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 15:53
              “Wait a sec, I just told you you had nothing to worry about,” Drew argued, “like you asked.” Claudia realized she should have been more specific: she would only accept that Dade couldn’t enter the... more
              • Then I might - Drew, Mon Oct 15 23:18
                Yet again, Drew was overwhelmingly glad that Remington was there and was a normal human person who could look at what was going on and use normal human logic to figure out what they should do. It... more
                • We are all messes - Remington, Mon Oct 29 16:17
                  What was she supposed to do with this? Really, Remington loved having information. Research was one of her top five favorite activities. Possibly even top three. She loved practical applications of... more
                  • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
                    “If you keep refusing to be in the same place as Dade, and Dade keeps refusing to be in the same place as you, then of course you’re never gonna be able to agree to a ceasefire,” Drew said, and... more
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