I make no such promise
Tue Oct 2, 2018 06:44

Remington’s reaction confirmed Claudia’s suspicions that Dade’s gender identity was news to the Draco. However she was far more interested in how Andrew made no attempt to deny her assumption: this was the certainty she required. After a long pause - during which she would wager her diamond necklace Drew was battling with the moral conundrum of lying outright to Claudia and Remington, or confirming a secret with which Dade had entrusted him - he avoided explicit concurrence by suggesting Dade was equally as fearful of Claudia. The fifth year held in a scoff but her expression clearly conveyed how ridiculous she found that notion (although secretly she would pleased, if she thought it was true).

Meanwhile Remington was apparently struggling to come to terms with the concept that Dade was a vixen in ram’s clothing. Claudia graced her friend with a sidelong glance of concern. She felt compelled to remind Remington that nothing had changed, and then she was struck by the absurdity that she, Claudia Dubois, had more of an idea about gender nonconformity than another person at the table. With her frank conversations with Holland, and with Danny, and all of the endless articles Professor Blair had forced her to read, Claudia knew a reasonable amount about gender identity these days. Not how it felt, obviously - Claudia was absolutely delighted to be a girl and completely at peace with her gender, thank you very much - but those feelings she’s had before, those things she’d made Holland experience… she was ashamed of them now.

Drew’s suggestion that Dade was scared of Claudia was probably nonsense, although it could perhaps support another of Claudia’s suspicions: that Dade had hexed her in the first place because he had perceived her as a threat; That he had misunderstood what occurred with Holland, and identified himself as a target. He was learning defensive magic with Drew and Remington because he had a need to defend himself… although it was now painfully evident that Remy had not realized this. “I still stand firm in my belief that neither of you are actually going to hex each other at this point. Everyone’s too freaked out, whatever the details might be,” she said.

“If Dade raises his wand a fraction of an inch in my direction I’ll hex him before he has chance to open his mouth,” Claudia said firmly, disabusing Remy of her illusion that fear eclipsed violence. “But I won’t be the one to raise my wand first,” she added. While Dade might not hex her in her sleep, if these two younger students could be believed (and she could not trust them entirely: Andrew because he was on Dade’s side, and Remy because she didn’t know Dade anywhere near as well as she’d thought; her judgment was compromised), she still counted on him attacking her elsewhere so long as he perceived her as a threat.

Back in the class with the pensieve, Remy had been shocked at how Dade had reacted to Claudia’s presence. Similarly, Claudia had been shaken by Remy’s parents’ concern for their daughter’s safety. She had been sickened that someone would make judgments based on race, and, over the following months, Claudia understood that she made judgments based on similarly arbitrary and unalterable traits, not limited to gender, orientation, and whether one could use magic or had magical ancestors. She was working on understanding her prejudices but it was a long and difficult process. Everything was just so much easier when she had blindly believed herself to be superior. She couldn’t change what she had already done, but she could try not to make similar errors in the future. Dade was an idiot, but he’d only been acting on misinformation, same as Claudia.

“I’ll be going to have a talk with Mr Tennant, then,” Claudia concluded, not the least convinced that she was safe in her commons. “For the record,” she spoke to Drew, because while he was infuriating when he was trying to defend Dade, and had tried to fling vomit at her that one time, she actually found him to be a reasonable person most of the time, “I never would have harmed Dade, and when he cast that spell on me, my first reaction was to see if he was okay.”

  • Are you sure? - Remington Burnham, Mon Oct 1 21:23
    “Huh?” Of the things Remington Burnham expected to hear today, this was not it. She hadn’t planned for it. She’d marked all of her classes for the day down in her planner, as well as the time she’d... more
    • I make no such promise - Claudia, Tue Oct 2 06:44
      • How about a pinky swear? - Drew, Sat Oct 6 03:01
        Drew had already decided it was pretty awful that Claudia knew about Dade being trans and had told him, because he was pretty sure that meant he should tell Dade, and he really didn’t want to do... more
        • Can I just go? - Remington, Wed Oct 10 18:05
          Remington knew that this information didn’t change anything. It just provided new information. However Dade identified didn’t change who Dade was - or was it Dade? When people changed their gender,... more
          • Nope - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 15:53
            “Wait a sec, I just told you you had nothing to worry about,” Drew argued, “like you asked.” Claudia realized she should have been more specific: she would only accept that Dade couldn’t enter the... more
            • Then I might - Drew, Mon Oct 15 23:18
              Yet again, Drew was overwhelmingly glad that Remington was there and was a normal human person who could look at what was going on and use normal human logic to figure out what they should do. It... more
              • We are all messes - Remington, Mon Oct 29 16:17
                What was she supposed to do with this? Really, Remington loved having information. Research was one of her top five favorite activities. Possibly even top three. She loved practical applications of... more
                • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
                  “If you keep refusing to be in the same place as Dade, and Dade keeps refusing to be in the same place as you, then of course you’re never gonna be able to agree to a ceasefire,” Drew said, and... more
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