That's why I'm pretending
Sun Oct 7, 2018 12:18

“Mama says Brynjolf won’t be able to hear again,” Norah replied, moving to sit in her chair with slightly slumped shoulders, hands folded neatly in her lap. She had a mind of where she was and knew that yelling wasn’t the proper thing to do. It was just that the Lyra was so upset and she’d momentarily forgotten herself. She wasn’t sure why she cared so much, considering her life was made up of tormenting her older brother. But everything just seemed so… wrong.

She didn’t expect the other student to care that much and his words weren’t even that reassuring anyway. The ‘sure’ with a shrug of his shoulders told Norah what she needed to know. She couldn’t make Brynjolf happy and even if she tried it was likely that she wouldn’t be the one to do it. The blonde knew he had some friends, but he’d been avoiding them and everyone. It wasn’t right – it was weird. “I used to play tricks on him all the time, because it was fun. But now he can’t hear them and he sits around.”

Explaining what was happening to her brother wasn’t something Norah could really do, because she still didn’t understand exactly why Brynjolf couldn’t just hear again. “Mama says it has something to do with the hairs in his ears or something like that,” she attempted, frowning when that didn’t sound quite right. “But I don’t really understand it so that might not be it either. He used to not be able to hear very well just out of one ear but it got worse.” If she were smarter maybe she’d understand, smart like Brynjolf. “You don’t know him very well do you?”

She only asked it of the boy because he called Brynjolf, well Brynjolf. No one but Papa did that, and Norah only did it to spite him. She’d never heard anyone call him by his first name besides that and this student just did. Because of that, she could only assume that they’d either never really talked or that they just didn’t know each other. “He tells everyone to call him Bryn,” the nickname felt funny on her tongue, but she didn’t mind it once. “But I call him Brynjolf because he’s my brother and it bothers him. Except now I’m not sure it bothers him anymore because he can’t hear it, he only sees it on the paper when his quill writes it down for him.”

  • This is definitely too weird - Nolan, Thu Sep 27 17:55
    “ But even pancakes don’t make Brynjolf happy! ” the first year wailed, seemingly at random, in the middle of the library. Nolan was beginning to regret not pretending that he was deaf or had thought ... more
    • That's why I'm pretending - Anonymous, Sun Oct 7 12:18
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