Petra Stiglitz
Let me think about that.
Sun Oct 7, 2018 18:22

Petra had decided to take up refuge in the library, now that it was too cold and dreary on Pearl Street for her to be comfortable there. Pouring over her books in the library wasn’t the same, and lately the Outdoor Classroom had also been covered in snow. As such, she had no choice but to trudge to the library, plop down at a table, and try to ignore everything else going on around her. The Aquila wasn’t the kind of person who could easily study surrounded by silence and books. In fact, it was easier for her to get distracted there than it was on Pearl Street at it’s busiest.

Regardless, midterm was over and her usual routine of studying needed to be picked back up. Her grades had been good so far. No O’s this year, but a few A’s had been handed back on various assignments. She just wanted to pass and do well and be able to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. As a fourth year, she still had three years to figure that out though. Papa and Mama had been busy with the new baby and hadn’t really responded when she asked them for ideas. It seemed like it was up to her to focus her studies and choose a good career. While she hoped to get married one day, it wasn’t something she could think about now even if- no, there was no even if. It was a silly idea at the age of almost fifteen and she wasn’t going to entertain it for a second.

Lost in her thoughts, Petra nearly jumped out of her skin when an object flew into the back of her head. See, it was reasons like this why she didn’t like studying in the library. There were other students who could bother her and she got lost in stupid thoughts about her and -. No, no she still wouldn’t entertain that thought at all. Turning around, Petra caught sight of what had been thrown at her. A wadded up ball of paper sat harmlessly on the floor and she looked up to see who had thrown it.

Oh, great. If it wasn’t her Pearl Street friend who had once been so rude to her. She frowned, thinking that he just wanted to bother her, but was surprised when he whispered for her to come over. Hesitantly, the blonde rose from her chair, tossing a few curls over her shoulder. She wasn’t sure what Leopold wanted, but she wasn’t sure she cared. But he looked kind of distraught and Petra couldn’t help but wonder what it was that made him bother her.

“You know, the last time you threw something in my direction it didn’t turn out so nicely,” Petra whispered carefully, trying not to pick a fight, but clearly displeased. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be friends and be nice, but Leopold had already been quite rude to her with no deserved cause and he’d never apologized for it. “What do you want?”

  • Fix my life, please? - Leopold Harris, Sun Sep 23 18:11
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    • Let me think about that. - Petra Stiglitz, Sun Oct 7 18:22
      • Leo’s eyebrows knitted together as he stared, puzzled, across the desk at Petra. “What are you on about?” he began, searching his memory for which incident of insensitivity she might be referring... more
        • You can't rush this. - Petra, Sun Oct 14 16:59
          Petra gave the boy in front of her a stern look. It was one that said he knew exactly what she was on about. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for it to dawn on him and the blonde nodded. She... more
          • Perfection takes time - Leo, Tue Nov 6 17:06
            Leo resisted the urge to laugh as Petra sent a series of stern looks in his direction, like a disgruntled little sister, but she seemed to thaw slightly with his admission of fault, and Leo allowed... more
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