Be quick about it, I haven't got all day
Tue Oct 9, 2018 16:53

Leo’s eyebrows knitted together as he stared, puzzled, across the desk at Petra. “What are you on about?” he began, searching his memory for which incident of insensitivity she might be referring too, this was no easy task- he was guilty of many- but eventually he thought he’d pinned it down. “Oh. Pearl Street. Seriously, you’re still hung up on that?”

Leo rubbed his nose, torn between embarrassment and irritation, and slid the brainstorming sheet to one side. Judging by the conversation so far, it was unlikely, she’d have kind things to say about his silly little notes, and Leo wasn’t in the mood to be teased by someone he could just about tolerate if their previous interactions were anything to go by. He couldn’t remember the exact exchange in question, all he knew was that he’d been in bad temper and, Petra had unwisely decided to promote her turn-that-frown-upside-down attitude with little success.

Yes, that’s right, he remembered better now, she’d been being an obnoxious little brat, but Leo probably could have handled it better. Since, Petra and Leo’s Pearl Street alteration, losing a job had become a familiar occurrence for Leo. He had quit and been fired from a few positions in the last year, and no longer felt the sting of rejection as deeply. But Leo was beginning to worry word of his poor customer service might be getting around amongst Pearl Street's businesses, and anyone named Leo Harris, sniffing around for an easy paycheck, would be deemed 'Difficult' on sight.

“Right. Look, about all that, I was having a bad day- a bad year, really,” he said in a strained voice, waving his hand dismissively, in hope that this would be enough to convince her to drop the matter.

He was feeling foolish now, and briefly considered pretending he’d only tossed the paper at her because he was bored, and wanted to see her get riled up. It sounded like something Petra would believe, Leo obviously wasn’t making her list of favourite people, but in the end he chose to go with the truth which felt much more degrading. “Well, I was looking for some advice actually, and thought; hey, Petra’s pretty smart, why not ask her?” he said playfully, in an attempt to butter her up.

“You’ve got some magic in your family, yeah? Know any cool magical careers? Or jobs in general, I’m not fussy.” Although, now he thought about it, Leo wasn’t actually sure that, Petra did have wizarding family. It wasn’t the sort of thing he enjoyed talking about, because it usually meant he had to talk about his family, which meant talking about his mom, a woman who kept her wand in a drawer beside the sellotape.

  • Let me think about that. - Petra Stiglitz, Sun Oct 7 18:22
    Petra had decided to take up refuge in the library, now that it was too cold and dreary on Pearl Street for her to be comfortable there. Pouring over her books in the library wasn’t the same, and... more
    • Be quick about it, I haven't got all day - Leo, Tue Oct 9 16:53
      • You can't rush this. - Petra, Sun Oct 14 16:59
        Petra gave the boy in front of her a stern look. It was one that said he knew exactly what she was on about. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for it to dawn on him and the blonde nodded. She... more
        • Perfection takes time - Leo, Tue Nov 6 17:06
          Leo resisted the urge to laugh as Petra sent a series of stern looks in his direction, like a disgruntled little sister, but she seemed to thaw slightly with his admission of fault, and Leo allowed... more
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