You can't rush this.
Sun Oct 14, 2018 16:59

Petra gave the boy in front of her a stern look. It was one that said he knew exactly what she was on about. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for it to dawn on him and the blonde nodded. She held back a scoff at the fact that he implied that she was hung up on it. Really, it didn’t cross her mind until she saw him. In those moments though, yes, one could say that she was slightly hung up on it. She could tolerate a person who was grumpy. But someone who was downright rude could go pineapple their-selves because she wasn’t having any part of that. Leopold was on of those people. The Aquila was severely regretting coming over to the table because it was looking like the other student was still the same obnoxious boy he had been the last time they’d really spoken.

Except, Petra was intrigued because she’d heard through the grapevine that he was dating Myffi. And If Myffi could tolerate him, he couldn’t be all that bad could he? His half-assed attempt at explaining her behavior to her didn’t do much to convince her of anything but it was more than she expected. At least he’d owned up in a way to the fact that she hadn’t been at fault and his own foulness had influenced that meeting. Well, that was how Petra was going to take it for the sake of not starting an argument in the library. He reminded her highly of Hugo and if she could be patient with him these days, well Leopold wouldn’t be too much trouble either.

His next sentence was no better and the blonde fought the temptation to cross her arms and give him that oh really look that she’d grown fond of over the past few months. According to Helena, she’d reached the phase where she was less of a goody two-shoes and more of – well she probably shouldn’t repeat exactly what Helena had said. Perhaps there was still some goody two-shoes left in her still. He was trying to suck up to her and it was something that Tavin did to mother all the time. It was more irritating than anything else, but Petra shrugged and let Leopold continue speaking.

Cool magical careers? Petra knew that there were a lot out there, sure not nearly as many in the muggle world, but there were enough for everyone to work. It was just interesting that he was asking her and not seeking help from Mister Tennant, although she wasn’t sure if he was that kind of counselor. She suspected he would have asked anyone at that moment really, but it didn’t matter because he was looking at her and she was probably supposed to answer him. Leopold was trying to plan his future, it seemed like and so she opted to sit down next to him.

“Uhm,” she started eloquently. It wasn’t more than just a few seconds ago that she had been thinking to herself that these were things that she wasn’t going to think about. Well, now she was certainly thinking about them. That was irritating because now she was probably going to spend the rest of the year thinking about it and well – she’d already decided she didn’t want to do that. “There are loads of jobs. Some are cool and some people only think are cool.” The blonde wrinkled her nose a bit, trying to think of an easy way to help. “Tell me what kind of jobs you think you have an interest in. Muggle or magical and if you start there, we can look for the magical ones that are the equivalent? We are in a library after all, I’m sure there are some resource books on jobs in here somewhere.”

  • Leo’s eyebrows knitted together as he stared, puzzled, across the desk at Petra. “What are you on about?” he began, searching his memory for which incident of insensitivity she might be referring... more
    • You can't rush this. - Petra, Sun Oct 14 16:59
      • Perfection takes time - Leo, Tue Nov 6 17:06
        Leo resisted the urge to laugh as Petra sent a series of stern looks in his direction, like a disgruntled little sister, but she seemed to thaw slightly with his admission of fault, and Leo allowed... more
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