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“Wait a sec, I just told you you had nothing to worry about,” Drew argued, “like you asked.” Claudia realized she should have been more specific: she would only accept that Dade couldn’t enter the girls’ dormitories, not some second-hand assurance that he wouldn’t. She was not going to be convinced that Dade would give up the chance to hex her again - he’d done it once before, so he could easily do it a second time - and clearly nobody was going to refute that he could access her room if he wanted to.

As he continued talking, however, it became apparent that Drew, at least, genuinely believed Dade was not going to come after Claudia… or perhaps he just wanted her to think that. Regardless of Andrew’s intentions, it was also painfully obvious by this point that Dade would manipulate people who were supposed to be his friends into believing, or not believing, whatever he wanted. It was plausible he had convinced Andrew of his reticence towards further violence, but Claudia (and Connor, for that matter), was not persuaded. Poor Remington, this was obviously difficult for her, but quite honestly Claudia was surprised that she cared at all. The fifth year knew Dade had barely spoken to Remy all year, and that he had actively been avoiding spending time with her. By Claudia's estimation, Remy wasn’t even friends with him anymore. Why should the Draco care what Dade did or said?

Claudia still intended to go to Garen, but Drew was still adamant that she should not. This, more than the particular words he said, gave Claudia pause. Why shouldn’t Mr Tennant know? It was his job to help students - he was already helping Claudia, and she was much better for his assistance - and Dade needed help more clearly than any other student (except, perhaps, with the exception of Claudia herself at the end of the previous term). Really she would be doing Dade a favor by alerting his situation to the administration, but if Drew had not reached this same conclusion then perhaps there was a reason for his reluctance. “If you’re trying to convince people that you don’t have anything against queer people, outing someone you think is trans isn’t a great way to do it.”

Wait, was… was that it? It sounded as though people who had some abnormal gender alignment (and perhaps other identities that fell under the broad umbrella term ‘queer’, judging by Drew’s implication) would be opposed to having their secret revealed. Well, Claudia could understand that, particularly in her own society, where Danny was risking just about everything to be with Holland, but even he had shied away from revealing his intentions from the majority of their acquaintances. Thank Merlin. Yet she wasn’t going to tell Dade’s society about it. She hadn’t even told Connor! She was only suggesting she might tell a person who really could made a positive difference for Dade, and she was only considering telling him to promote her own safety, which was only in jeopardy because of Dade in the first place! She glared at Drew, maddened by the insinuation that she was the one acting insensitively in this debacle.

The idea of the ceasefire had merit in its abstract, but again there was nothing to prove to Claudia that Dade would hold up his end of the bargain. He wasn’t even here to speak for himself. Claudia was still relying on her friends to accompany her to classes and other destinations, and avoiding walking the corridors on her own wherever possible (she had more friends these days, which made it reasonably easy to ensure she always had someone to deter her nemesis from his next unprovoked attack). She would love to be able to act like a normal person again, but the word of a third year ally of Dade Farnon was not going to convince her. She thought that Remy might understand, but then the other girl echoed the suggestion and Claudia felt betrayed.

“I’ve already given my word that I won’t raise my wand first,” she reminded both the younger students, “but you don’t seem to trust it. So I’m sure you can understand that I don’t trust Dade not to hex me the moment he sees fit, especially as he is not even here to make any sort of promise of peace.” True, she hadn’t invited him to join them, but then she still believed he would attack her, so that was unlikely. “At the first sign of trouble, he’s going to wish he’d agreed to a ceasefire,” Claudia threatened. “And I’m not doing this to out a trans person,” she bit out, eyes narrowed at Drew. “I’m doing it to feel safe in what is essentially my home.”

  • Can I just go? - Remington, Wed Oct 10 18:05
    Remington knew that this information didn’t change anything. It just provided new information. However Dade identified didn’t change who Dade was - or was it Dade? When people changed their gender,... more
    • Nope - Claudia, Mon Oct 15 15:53
      • Then I might - Drew, Mon Oct 15 23:18
        Yet again, Drew was overwhelmingly glad that Remington was there and was a normal human person who could look at what was going on and use normal human logic to figure out what they should do. It... more
        • We are all messes - Remington, Mon Oct 29 16:17
          What was she supposed to do with this? Really, Remington loved having information. Research was one of her top five favorite activities. Possibly even top three. She loved practical applications of... more
          • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
            “If you keep refusing to be in the same place as Dade, and Dade keeps refusing to be in the same place as you, then of course you’re never gonna be able to agree to a ceasefire,” Drew said, and... more
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