Perfection takes time
Tue Nov 6, 2018 17:06

Leo resisted the urge to laugh as Petra sent a series of stern looks in his direction, like a disgruntled little sister, but she seemed to thaw slightly with his admission of fault, and Leo allowed himself to relax, slinking further back in his chair. Probably, still not Petra’s favourite person, but they were making progress.

Obviously, Leo wasn’t obsessed with having everyone like him in order to gain self-acceptance- he was, like, way above all that nonsense- but he was surprised to find that it bothered him to think of the student body running around making him out to be some jerk. Like, yeah, he was a bit of jerk but surely there were more deserving people to lap that label on- Buckley Bradford did exist. It wasn’t like Petra was all that great. Yeah, she was nice and smart, but she had always struck him as a serious sort of girl- a bit stuck up. Sure, that probably came in handy when you were trying to plan your future, but it was also awfully dull. Poor girl needed to relax and have more fun. Maybe he should hook her up with some of Myffi’s special brownies. Although, if his relationship with Myffi had taught him anything, it was that you couldn’t judge a person too quickly. Perhaps, Petra was a real party animal? Wilder things had happened.

Leo scrunched up his face and pulled his sheet of parchment back in front of him. “I’ll be honest with you Petra, other than that time I wanted to be a firefighter, I’ve mostly just been hoping some rich distant relative I'd never heard of would drop dead and leave me a nice healthy inheritance.”

Picking up his quill, he scrawled out a new heading, Hobbies , and began making note of his extracurriculars. There was Quidditch but he wasn’t nearly good enough to go professional. Agriclub wasn’t so much a hobby as an obligation- Myffi was clearly the real draw there. Drama Club, while a lot of fun, wasn’t something you could make a career out of.

“Maybe, I should just go into maintenance, I’ve always been pretty good at household charms,” he said with a self-depreciative smile. “Or an accountant,” he mused, thinking of his arithmancy classes. None of these options sounded very likely to impress Myffi. Ugh. He needed to stop thinking like that. He knew he wasn't being fair to Myffi. She wasn’t like that. The only person who’d be bitter and twisted, if he ended up cleaning up other people’s slop, was himself. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the task before him, Leo pushed his glasses off his nose, discarding them on the table, so he might rub the tiredness from his eyes.

“What about you,” Leo asked, fixing his eyes on Petra, “have big plans for the future?”

  • You can't rush this. - Petra, Sun Oct 14 16:59
    Petra gave the boy in front of her a stern look. It was one that said he knew exactly what she was on about. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for it to dawn on him and the blonde nodded. She... more
    • Perfection takes time - Leo, Tue Nov 6 17:06
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