Some more than others
Sun Nov 18, 2018 17:07

“If you keep refusing to be in the same place as Dade, and Dade keeps refusing to be in the same place as you, then of course you’re never gonna be able to agree to a ceasefire,” Drew said, and Claudia begrudgingly conceded he had a point. Well then, it was apparent they had reached a stalemate, as Claudia and Dade refused to solicit each others’ company, and neither was it palatable for their friends to speak on the others’ behalf (or so Claudia could safely assume, as while she was content to speak with Drew, she did not implicitly trust him, and Dade wasn’t even content to speak to Remington - let alone Connor, Claudia’s closest friend - so the reverse was yet more impossible).

Drew also apparently agreed they had reached a stalemate, except he did it with a great deal more flamboyance and unnecessary dramatics. That he ended his exasperated monologue with a suggestion he would be found in the theater did not surprise Claudia in the slightest. She merely sighed in resigned annoyance that she was forced to deal with petulant underclassmen and watched him flounce from the library.

Remington did not even comment on Andrew’s abrupt departure, which suggested to Claudia his proclivity for theatrics was not a new development. “I think I’m going to try and finish some of the reading for the upcoming lesson. We can work on it together, if you want. But if you want to leave too, I understand,” she said.

Claudia was pleased she was friends with Remington now. Very few of their peers were as academically inclined, and while Claudia did not possess Remy’s natural fascination and thirst for knowledge, she did like to be the top of the class. Working with the Draco helped Claudia to maintain high grades, besides which it was pleasant to have a study partner who worked more than she talked (the same simply could not be said of Marley). “I don’t want to leave, unless you want your space,” Claudia said. She did not have her textbook with her, but Remy did, and they were in the library.

Claudia busied herself with retrieving parchment and a quill, as even if Remy changed her mind and wanted to work alone after all, Claudia could still take advantage of being here to get some research done, for arithmancy or otherwise. “I am sorry for bringing you into that,” she confessed, not meeting Remy’s eye as she laid her materials on the desk before her. “I don’t know Drew well enough to talk to him on his own, and I… I thought maybe you would want to know.” Claudia explained how she’d come to suspect Dade’s secret and that she only needed Drew to confirm it. “I’m not going to tell anyone else,” she assured the fourth year. She sighed as she elaborated, “Not even Mr Tennant. Drew doesn’t want me to, and I suppose he would know best,” considering he was Dade’s closest friend. Drew was also well-positioned to be able to tell Garen himself if he changed his mind about what was in Dade’s best interests.

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    What was she supposed to do with this? Really, Remington loved having information. Research was one of her top five favorite activities. Possibly even top three. She loved practical applications of... more
    • Some more than others - Claudia, Sun Nov 18 17:07
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