Remington Burnham
The awkward strikes again!
Sun Dec 2, 2018 14:09

At breakfast that morning, an owl dropped off a small care package from her parents. Remington always looked forward to those. Her parents usually put thought and consideration into what they packed for her, and sometimes they had her other relatives participate, too. Her grandparents on both sides liked to add baked goods, although one of them was much more vocal about how the Draco was meant to eat them in moderation and share with her friends. One of her aunts liked to include makeup. She didn’t know what some of that makeup did (what was the difference between concealer and foundation, really?) but it was nice to grow her collection and experiment.

It was a busy day, though, so Remington tucked the small box away in her bag to open up after classes. She had at least two classes with Malachi that day, as well as the potential to awkwardly run into Dade- Dakota during transitions between those classes, so it would be nice to have something to look forward to after. The day proved to be uneventful, and she made her way to the library.

When she arrived, she claimed one of her favorite spots. The chair she sat in was big and comfy enough to fit two people, but she used it to keep books with her, leaving the table space clear for whatever paperwork she needed. She removed her robes and draped them over the side of the much smaller chair that lived by the table. Her long sleeved black floral blouse looked like wrapped around and tied off at her waist and she had on a pair of faded red jeans to go with it. It felt different from the oversized sweater look she was trying to get away from, but she still felt comfortable.

Dinner would be in a couple of hours and she planned on going after getting a head start on her Cultural Studies paper. She didn’t always remember to make it to dinner, but she was trying to do better lately. Ever since she cried on his shoulder, Drew had seemed particularly worried about her, and she was fine now. Making sure to do things like go to dinner would help reinforce that she was, in fact, doing perfectly okay and would give Drew less to worry about when it came to her. It wasn’t like she always made it to dinner before. Whenever she missed, it was because she’d been swallowed up by work, but now people might think it was for some emotional thing. That just sounded annoying.

After half an hour of work, which mostly involved creating an outline for her paper, Remington decided to take a break and pulled her care package out of her backpack. Saving it for later was a great idea. She smiled when she opened it up and read the card from her parents. Her mom included a book she finished that she thought Remington would lie, her abuela included snickerdoodles, and her dad sent her a new hair bow. In the letter, her dad asked to make sure Mr. Tennant got the pamphlets he included in the bottom of the package. Confused, Remington picked up the book and saw underneath - -

“For Merlin’s sake, Dad!” Remington felt her cheeks start to burn as she picked up the sex education pamphlets out of the box. She knew that he’d been sending the administration information like this to make up for what he thought was an abysmal sex ed experience at Rocky Mountain International. He must have been asked to stop and planned to have Remington bring this new round of pamphlets - which weren’t just about Muggle contraceptives this time; when did he start finding information on wizarding stuff? - instead.

Naturally, someone had chosen that moment to join her at the library table. Why did these things keep happening to her? One hand held a safe sex pamphlet and she quickly picked up the container of snickerdoodles with the other. “Please tell me you’re going to let yourself be distracted by these cookies and not by the really awkward reading material I was just sent.”

    • Making it even more awkward! - DJ Finn, Wed Dec 5 18:42
      DJ’s day had been uneventful besides Professor Luksa ranting about chess being the best game in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds for the whole class. DJ was only taking Divinations because it... more
      • Let's try to tone it down - Remington, Mon Dec 10 20:40
        Of course her sudden library companion was DJ. Every time something like this happened, Remington managed to have it happen around people who could make it awkward. If this happened around Drew, for... more
        • Why it was just getting good! - DJ, Sun Dec 16 13:22
          Remington gasped and covered her smile when he told her about what Uncle Riley had done. "Hey, don't cover your smile you have a great one. It lights up your whole face." It was true she was cute... more
          • I'm not the best at toning things down anyway - Remington, Tue Dec 18 16:02
            Was it possible to blush so much that it started at the top of your head and went all the way to her toes? Her entire body definitely felt warm. And tingly. Absolutely tingly. Her hands lightly fell... more
            • Good! - DJ, Tue Dec 18 19:44
              DJ smiled widely as Remington blushed even more. Damn, he would have to compliment her more often if that's how she was going to react. She was super cute when she blushed. He made a mental note to... more
              • Possibly - Remington, Wed Dec 19 20:03
                “My dad knows about magic,” she clarified. “He’s great about it. Has plenty of opinions - wants to know where the magical world hides during mass genocide, that kind of thing - but overall he’s... more
                • This is going to be fun! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:20
                  The fourth-year thought it was pretty cool that Remington's dad knew about magic. DJ had also wondered why the magical world hid during mass genocides when he was younger. He had never found great... more
                  • Fun is a word for it! - Remington, Thu Dec 20 20:07
                    One of the easiest ways to get Remington Burnham’s face to light up was offer her a book. Bonus points were awarded for it being something she genuinely wanted to read. The Draco wanted to read most... more
                    • What else would you say? - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:02
                      Remington's face lit up at the offer of the book. "Great!" DJ said and charmed his hand to say 'Don't forget book for Remington' that would burn the next morning. Usually, DJ would see Remy in class, ... more
                      • It depends on the question - Remington, Sun Dec 30 15:12
                        Remington immediately took note of the charm DJ used. She was a super organized person already and loved adding more tools to her arsenal. There were a few people she could imagine needing it more... more
                        • Hmm - DJ, Tue Jan 1 11:55
                          Remington hadn’t really responded to his flirting which was a conundrum to DJ. Usually, girls, he did flirt with teased right back. Was Remington not interested in him? He thought of the girls at... more
                          • Thinking? - Remington, Thu Jan 3 17:30
                            It was becoming quite clear that Remington didn’t know what to do with flirting, which was a little weird. If she looked at it from a different angle, flirting was kind of like debating. You took a... more
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