Not the artist you want, but the artist this city deserves
Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:01

Okay, so this kid immediately activated Tycho’s innate urge to roll his eyes way, way back into his skull. Add I told him once that if he did that too much he’d roll them all the way inside and have to stare at his brain, but he thought that was pretty cool, so he wasn’t nervous about that. But he did try to suppress the eye roll urge. Mostly out of pity. This kid was a bad liar.

The Lyra scanned his brain to be super sure, but even with as weird as the professors at RMI were, it was unlikely they’d assign a romantic rap writing challenge. Well, maybe Professor Blair-West, primarily to bother or embarrass her students under the guise of a cultural thing, but that didn’t seem like the case. She probably would’ve made it harder, like with a meter requirement or something.

“Oh, yeah?” Tycho dared Connor, stepping around and seating himself beside the older boy. “What class is it for?” He asked smugly, physically tugging on the long sleeve of his orange shirt as he metaphorically released the ace he had up it. “Can I see the assignment?” That, ladies and gentlemen, was checkmate. Tycho: 1, Pompous Douche Man: 0.

  • I most definitely did not - Connor, Thu Dec 13 10:37
    Some little kid had snuck up behind him as it turned out, which, Connor supposed, was better than some alternatives. Connor wasn’t sure which little kid it was, but it wasn’t one of the ones in... more
    • Not the artist you want, but the artist this city deserves - Tycho, Thu Dec 13 11:01
      • This is not what I deserve - Connor, Fri Dec 21 08:52
        Fantastic, the miniscule cretin was now seated next to him, essentially forestalling any further headway Connor had been intending to make on his project. Although he was in a position of authority,... more
        • Debatable - Tycho, Fri Dec 28 22:10
          Predictable lie was predictable. Tycho’s smugness only grew as Connor B.S.ed exactly in the way he thought he would. Cultural Studies assignment his left buttcheek. And the addition sass was just... more
          • False - Connor, Sat Jan 5 11:45
            Connor’s head nearly exploded as the child who had encroached upon his space started mocking him . What had he ever done to deserve something like this?! He was a prefect, for Merlin’s sake! This... more
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