Wed Dec 19, 2018 20:03

“My dad knows about magic,” she clarified. “He’s great about it. Has plenty of opinions - wants to know where the magical world hides during mass genocide, that kind of thing - but overall he’s really cool about it. And his questions make sense. I have those too.” Her hand reached up to touch the back of her head where large bows usually held her curls out of the way. There wasn’t a bow today, though. “My dad’s been making me all these huge hair bows since I was little. When I started going to a magic school, my mom started enchanting what he made to do fun things when I wear them. They could have a cute fashion line or something if they wanted to.”

She liked that her dad embraced so much about magic even though he was angry at the wizarding world’s choices. She couldn’t imagine feeling like one of her parents didn’t want or understand her. Her dad was one of the most amazing and supportive people she’d ever known. A little quirky and awkward, yeah, but so incredible. Her mom was smart and fierce and full of fire; nothing could bring their family down. She loved them so much, even if they were totally capable of embarrassing her one hundred and ten percent of the time.

DJ’s home sounded really nice. Her parents had lived in the same spot for a few years now, but she’d pretty much been at Rocky Mountain International the whole time. It didn’t feel much like home to her. She liked the basement, though. She’d spend time down there reading, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and music that Drew recommended. It wasn’t her room, but it felt like another space made just for her. Her dad threw his Anti-Tupperware parties there, and her mom used it for work and paper writing, but it somehow also felt like Remington’s space. She loved that. It was her favorite part of the house.

Before she could start thinking about any of her summer plans (she was waiting to hear back from two more academic summer programs before making a decision), DJ completely distracted her by saying he didn’t have a girlfriend.

“Oh.” She said, blinking in surprise. “I’m sorry that happened to you.” This information made Remington feel a new kind of tingling, and her heart sped up a little in her chest. She’d assumed DJ was still dating someone, and that he was just saying nice things about her smile because he was nice. Like Drew. Drew had a girlfriend but still said nice things about Remington, like how nice she looked in her date outfit and how smart she was.

If DJ didn’t have a girlfriend, though, did that mean he’d been flirting? Was that flirting?

“What did you come to the library to work on?” She quickly changed the subject because, well, she didn’t know what to do with it. She just hoped DJ would change directions with her. He totally couldn’t have been flirting, right? He’d only known her for a little while. That wasn’t long enough to want to date her or whatever. A part of her liked knowing that DJ wasn’t dating anyone, which she did not understand in the slightest and would like to ignore. “I was thinking of writing this essay but I don’t have enough research yet to finish it, I think.”

  • Good! - DJ, Tue Dec 18 19:44
    DJ smiled widely as Remington blushed even more. Damn, he would have to compliment her more often if that's how she was going to react. She was super cute when she blushed. He made a mental note to... more
    • Possibly - Remington, Wed Dec 19 20:03
      • This is going to be fun! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:20
        The fourth-year thought it was pretty cool that Remington's dad knew about magic. DJ had also wondered why the magical world hid during mass genocides when he was younger. He had never found great... more
        • Fun is a word for it! - Remington, Thu Dec 20 20:07
          One of the easiest ways to get Remington Burnham’s face to light up was offer her a book. Bonus points were awarded for it being something she genuinely wanted to read. The Draco wanted to read most... more
          • What else would you say? - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:02
            Remington's face lit up at the offer of the book. "Great!" DJ said and charmed his hand to say 'Don't forget book for Remington' that would burn the next morning. Usually, DJ would see Remy in class, ... more
            • It depends on the question - Remington, Sun Dec 30 15:12
              Remington immediately took note of the charm DJ used. She was a super organized person already and loved adding more tools to her arsenal. There were a few people she could imagine needing it more... more
              • Hmm - DJ, Tue Jan 1 11:55
                Remington hadn’t really responded to his flirting which was a conundrum to DJ. Usually, girls, he did flirt with teased right back. Was Remington not interested in him? He thought of the girls at... more
                • Thinking? - Remington, Thu Jan 3 17:30
                  It was becoming quite clear that Remington didn’t know what to do with flirting, which was a little weird. If she looked at it from a different angle, flirting was kind of like debating. You took a... more
                  • Always - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:33
                    Remington laughed, and DJ couldn’t help smile wider. Her laugh was cute, and it made her whole face brighten. If DJ wasn’t careful, he could see himself falling in love with Remington. He knew that... more
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