This is going to be fun!
Thu Dec 20, 2018 09:20

The fourth-year thought it was pretty cool that Remington's dad knew about magic. DJ had also wondered why the magical world hid during mass genocides when he was younger. He had never found great answers. He knew that some wizards had their hands in those too. Sometimes when Muggle nations went to war, their Wizarding counterparts did too. "That's cool about your dad knowing about magic. Also if you are interested, I have a book on Wizarding military affairs during Muggle wars. It's pretty in-depth of why wizards can't stop genocides sometimes. Most of the time it's because the other side has Wizards of their own." DJ offered. He had received it for Christmas a few years ago, and it was still in his trunk. It had helped with a few History of Magic essays.

"Have you suggested the fashion line? I know my little sister would love enchanted hair bows. Our parents aren't great at charms. I've learned all the cleaning and cooking ones so when we are home from school, I can take care of Evie." DJ admitted. His parents weren't slops or anything they were just busy, and the cleaning and cooking were the last things they wanted to do after a long day.

Remington apologized for DJ getting dumped, and he laughed. "It's no big deal. Ella was nice, but she was never going to be my wife or anything." He leaned in closer. "What about you Remy? Got a boyfriend?" he said using the nickname he had picked up from Claudia for the first time. "Some boy at home pining after the pretty girl with the bows in hair?"

He knew he was flirting, but it was fun. He missed outright flirting. Ella had been a flirtation a way to pass the time after his school work was done. Plus Remington was pretty, and she was smart. Not like his current girlfriend. Ella was what was called a dumb blonde. She once had asked him if Merlin had been the first president of the US and she had been serious.

DJ didn't respond to her questions about what had brought him here. He instead tried to catch her eye. She had spent half their talk staring at the work in front of her.

  • Possibly - Remington, Wed Dec 19 20:03
    “My dad knows about magic,” she clarified. “He’s great about it. Has plenty of opinions - wants to know where the magical world hides during mass genocide, that kind of thing - but overall he’s... more
    • This is going to be fun! - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:20
      • Fun is a word for it! - Remington, Thu Dec 20 20:07
        One of the easiest ways to get Remington Burnham’s face to light up was offer her a book. Bonus points were awarded for it being something she genuinely wanted to read. The Draco wanted to read most... more
        • What else would you say? - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:02
          Remington's face lit up at the offer of the book. "Great!" DJ said and charmed his hand to say 'Don't forget book for Remington' that would burn the next morning. Usually, DJ would see Remy in class, ... more
          • It depends on the question - Remington, Sun Dec 30 15:12
            Remington immediately took note of the charm DJ used. She was a super organized person already and loved adding more tools to her arsenal. There were a few people she could imagine needing it more... more
            • Hmm - DJ, Tue Jan 1 11:55
              Remington hadn’t really responded to his flirting which was a conundrum to DJ. Usually, girls, he did flirt with teased right back. Was Remington not interested in him? He thought of the girls at... more
              • Thinking? - Remington, Thu Jan 3 17:30
                It was becoming quite clear that Remington didn’t know what to do with flirting, which was a little weird. If she looked at it from a different angle, flirting was kind of like debating. You took a... more
                • Always - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:33
                  Remington laughed, and DJ couldn’t help smile wider. Her laugh was cute, and it made her whole face brighten. If DJ wasn’t careful, he could see himself falling in love with Remington. He knew that... more
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