This is not what I deserve
Fri Dec 21, 2018 08:52

Fantastic, the miniscule cretin was now seated next to him, essentially forestalling any further headway Connor had been intending to make on his project. Although he was in a position of authority, Connor was still loathe to spend time with younger years. He knew that he had been a superior member of the RMI community when he was younger, as he obviously was now despite the brief lapse in judgment that had resulted in his brawl with Drew, but Connor still would not have blamed any older student for attempting to avoid extended conversation with him. Connor had maintained a respectful distance between himself and the older students for his entire duration at RMI, as was appropriate. This child had clearly not received the appropriate messages about that sort of thing, because not only was he sitting next to Connor now, but he was continuing to talk and the subject of his discussion was Connor’s private work. It was quite rude, and Connor was not interested in entertaining it.

However, he did not respond well to being called out on a lie, even if it was only implied. His ears turned pink as he responded to the little brat: “It’s for Cultural Studies, and Professor Blair does not give us written assignment sheets,” Connor said. “She only does that for younger years,” he added, a slight sneer in his voice with that designation. In reality, Connor had no idea what Professor Blair was doing with younger students now, and she incorporated all sorts of assignments into the upper years’ curriculum, but that was neither here nor there. There was no way for the child to know that, anyway.

“Not,” Connor continued, “that it is the business of someone like you what a Prefect is doing with their coursework.” Hopefully that mild chastisement would put the boy sitting next to him in his place. Somehow, Connor suspected that it would not, but it was worth a try. There was always the off-chance that the child would be shamed into behaving himself and would skulk back into the shadows from whence he had come. Metaphorically, of course. The library was well-lit, and it was only Connor’s own concentration on the task to which he had put himself that he had neglected to notice the new addition to his general area until a touch too late. Of course, there would have been no concern about being too late to notice the younger boy if there were any manners involved on the child’s part. Someone really ought to take his mother to task for failing to teach him manners.

  • Okay, so this kid immediately activated Tycho’s innate urge to roll his eyes way, way back into his skull. Add I told him once that if he did that too much he’d roll them all the way inside and have... more
    • This is not what I deserve - Connor, Fri Dec 21 08:52
      • Debatable - Tycho, Fri Dec 28 22:10
        Predictable lie was predictable. Tycho’s smugness only grew as Connor B.S.ed exactly in the way he thought he would. Cultural Studies assignment his left buttcheek. And the addition sass was just... more
        • False - Connor, Sat Jan 5 11:45
          Connor’s head nearly exploded as the child who had encroached upon his space started mocking him . What had he ever done to deserve something like this?! He was a prefect, for Merlin’s sake! This... more
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