Fri Dec 28, 2018 22:10

Predictable lie was predictable. Tycho’s smugness only grew as Connor B.S.ed exactly in the way he thought he would. Cultural Studies assignment his left buttcheek. And the addition sass was just great. “Not that it is the business of someone like you what a Prefect is doing with their coursework.

This time, Tycho didn’t repress the urge to roll his eyes. He was definitely starting to figure out for himself why nobody liked this kid. “OoooooOOOOooooh,” he teased, raising his hands in mock defensiveness. “I’m sooooo sorry, Mr. Prefect.” Seriously, they let him be Prefect? What a joke. Tycho thought that stuff was dumb anyway, but this just went to cement how stupid the whole system was.

“Wait, no I’m not.” Then he dropped his hands and scooted his chair closer to Connor’s. “Now, I’m cool and you’re a nerd, so just let me help you write this rap for your girlfriend, okay?” The Lyra wasn’t sure he really wanted to help Connor anymore anyway, but Tycho was attached to this whole situation now and wanted to complete the rap. Plus, if Connor really annoyed him, he could just give him fake-help and totally sabotage the whole thing. Then wouldn’t Connor just feel stupid?

  • This is not what I deserve - Connor, Fri Dec 21 08:52
    Fantastic, the miniscule cretin was now seated next to him, essentially forestalling any further headway Connor had been intending to make on his project. Although he was in a position of authority,... more
    • Debatable - Tycho, Fri Dec 28 22:10
      • False - Connor, Sat Jan 5 11:45
        Connor’s head nearly exploded as the child who had encroached upon his space started mocking him . What had he ever done to deserve something like this?! He was a prefect, for Merlin’s sake! This... more
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