Dade Farnon
Secret reading
Tue Feb 14, 2017 20:01

It was his first day back from Midterm, and Dade had found himself in the library once more. After his early experience with Remington in the library where they had discovered a mysterious book, in addition to a book with a bunch of curses in it, the dark-haired boy had found himself spending an increasing amount of time in the library. It had some good information, although it was information he didn’t necessarily want other people knowing he knew. With his free time and some careful practice in the forest out by the Quidditch Pitch, Dade had come to realize that he had a knack for curses, hexes, and jinxes. He wasn’t entirely sure what the difference was, still, but he was mastering them fairly quickly. The Cetus had yet to actually use one of them on anyone, but he was considering joining the Dueling Club for an excuse to.

Of course, maybe the Dueling Club was just some silly club where people learned about dueling instead of actually doing it. Dade hadn’t actually gotten far enough with his idea of joining to figure that out. Instead of being social - who was there even to be social with? Remington was sick and Dade didn’t want to get sick too.

But anyway, instead of being social he was hanging out with a large, dark brown tome with what looked like gold decorating the corners and the spine. It was an old book, technically a history book, and it was about something called curse tablets. In all honesty, the first year had picked a book at random in the section of the library he’d become particularly fond of, but he liked what he was learning about. Curse tablets. It seemed like a good way to subtly get back at someone without actually being blamed for it.

Although nothing in particular had happened, Dade still had his roommates in his sights when it came to doing something particularly nasty. They were loud and he didn’t like loud. They were in his space, and he didn’t like people in his space. More than anything, even more than his Sorting (which Dade still maintained was wrong), the twelve year old hated sharing a room.

Then he heard a noise and jumped, slamming the book shut and putting his bag over it quickly, trying not to look guilty. The book was in the library so it probably wasn’t against the rules to read it, but Dade didn’t necessarily want people to know what he was doing.

“What?” he asked crankily. “This is a library, you know.”

    • A library may not be the best place for that - Holland Keene, Tue Feb 14 22:53
      The combination of Holland’s improved nonverbal magic and their impatience culminated in the fifth-year attempting the ritual Professor McKindy had mentioned on the last day of break. It turned out... more
      • To be fair, neither is a dorm room - Dade, Wed Feb 15 06:16
        The person who had managed to drop a book right in front of him was one of the older students that made Dade very confused. Sometimes they wore girl clothes and sometimes, like today, they wore boy... more
        • It is if you have a single - Holland, Wed Feb 15 15:54
          “History can be interesting,” they replied, which was what they had meant when they said good . Somewhere in the school, in an office filled with outdated maps and artifacts, Professor Samuel Boot... more
          • That's right, rub it in - Dade, Fri Feb 24 05:55
            When Holland responded to Dade’s comment about it being a history book, they talked way too much about things Dade had no idea how to respond to. What was a battery? What was a Roanoke colony? Did he ... more
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