What else would you say?
Sat Dec 29, 2018 23:02

Remington's face lit up at the offer of the book. "Great!" DJ said and charmed his hand to say 'Don't forget book for Remington' that would burn the next morning. Usually, DJ would see Remy in class, so it wasn't a big deal to slip it into his book bag in the morning. "So I won't forget," he said a bit sheepishly. His mom would tease him that he would forget his head if it was not attached.

"That's really cool. I bet it's nice to make your own bows for people. It's like you are giving them a little piece of you." DJ said with a smile. "My Uncle Riley loves bowties, and he's always giving them as presents. I have about a hundred, and I've never worn them except when he got married to Uncle Seb. But I was a little kid back then."

ďNo. I donít have a boyfriend. I - um, I havenít ever had someone like that.Ē Remy said, and DJ smiled widened. He wasn't happy she had never dated it was the fact that she was single.

"Never?" DJ asked a bit shocked. "You are so pretty though. C'mon there had to be a kid in kindergartner or whatever you did before RMI. Hell, my first kiss was in the first grade. Her name was Debbie, and her favorite color was strawberry." He said with a laugh. "Debbie broke my heart the next day by breaking the arms off of my GI Joe."

  • Fun is a word for it! - Remington, Thu Dec 20 20:07
    One of the easiest ways to get Remington Burnhamís face to light up was offer her a book. Bonus points were awarded for it being something she genuinely wanted to read. The Draco wanted to read most... more
    • What else would you say? - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:02
      • It depends on the question - Remington, Sun Dec 30 15:12
        Remington immediately took note of the charm DJ used. She was a super organized person already and loved adding more tools to her arsenal. There were a few people she could imagine needing it more... more
        • Hmm - DJ, Tue Jan 1 11:55
          Remington hadnít really responded to his flirting which was a conundrum to DJ. Usually, girls, he did flirt with teased right back. Was Remington not interested in him? He thought of the girls at... more
          • Thinking? - Remington, Thu Jan 3 17:30
            It was becoming quite clear that Remington didnít know what to do with flirting, which was a little weird. If she looked at it from a different angle, flirting was kind of like debating. You took a... more
            • Always - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:33
              Remington laughed, and DJ couldnít help smile wider. Her laugh was cute, and it made her whole face brighten. If DJ wasnít careful, he could see himself falling in love with Remington. He knew that... more
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