Sat Jan 5, 2019 11:45

Connor’s head nearly exploded as the child who had encroached upon his space started mocking him. What had he ever done to deserve something like this?! He was a prefect, for Merlin’s sake! This ill-behaved little toadstool was acting like Connor wasn’t even an older student, nevermind a prefect. He briefly considered the idea of turning the younger boy into a centipede, before recalling that human transfiguration was a tricky endeavor for someone not particularly proficient at spellwork, and also that he loathed centipedes entirely. Once the younger student had been turned into a centipede, Connor could theoretically smush him underneath his sneaker or his notebook, but he was fairly certain that still counted as murder and he thought that might be ill-advised.

“You are in no manner or definition of the term, ‘cool’,” Connor said instead, tone icy. “And if you don’t watch yourself, I will go straight to your Head of House and advise that you receive a detention immediately for disrespecting your superiors.”

There, that would deter the younger student. Nobody liked serving detentions, and there was always the risk that you’d end up in detention with someone like Professor Boot, who usually had a seemingly pointless, yet frustrating task to complete, or Professor Hier, who was entirely biased and was likely to make students not from his own House do disgusting things like pickle rat brains during detentions. Connor personally found Potions to be a repulsive subject and although he had not served many detentions in his time at RMI, he had found the ones served with Professor Hier to be absolutely the worst, even counting the detentions he had received following his brawl with Andrew.

Even if the little rat-dropping that had just scooted closer to him hadn’t been disrespectful and irritating, Connor would not have wanted his assistance with his project anyway. No, it was paramount that this information be kept absolutely secret, as he did not want the general public of the school to know about his intentions with Marley. He was thoroughly convinced that he would be able to make the case to Marley to keep their dalliance, should it emerge, secret. There was absolutely no reason for him to let more people in on his plans than strictly necessary. He was already concerned that Andrew knew, but of course, he had needed to ask Andrew’s advice. Otherwise he would not have had the slightest idea of how to begin expressing interest in an African American. It was quite fortunate that Andrew was a boy with such helpful inclinations. Connor supposed that would get him rather far in life.

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    Predictable lie was predictable. Tycho’s smugness only grew as Connor B.S.ed exactly in the way he thought he would. Cultural Studies assignment his left buttcheek. And the addition sass was just... more
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