Tue Jan 8, 2019 13:33

Remington laughed, and DJ couldn’t help smile wider. Her laugh was cute, and it made her whole face brighten. If DJ wasn’t careful, he could see himself falling in love with Remington. He knew that would be stupid. Mom and Dad had instilled in him that relationships in school didn’t mean the same and giving your heart away shouldn’t be something done until one was older. Dad had lost all of his friends at RMI because of a breakup, and Uncle Riley had started drinking his pain away in his fifth year at a horrible break up with Uncle Seb which had ended in Uncle Riley getting beat up pretty badly on Pearl Street. The one good thing was when Uncle Riley and Sebastian had been adults they had gotten back together.

“Remington you can’t one-up me on loving books and homework we are literally in the same house because of it,” DJ said with a laugh. When she made a comment about Dade DJ frowned for a second. Dakota had a girlfriend? That would make her a lesbian? DJ had assumed Dakota would date guys. DJ knew his friend James liked girls before he had become him and he continued to like girls now that he was James, so he had assumed Dakota was the same. Maybe there were gay trans people?

“Ah, you are the late bloomer of the group.” DJ teased. “No worries not everyone has a girlfriend or boyfriend in school.” DJ paused. Oh, maybe the reason Remy hadn’t dated before was that she was a lesbian. The Draco leaned in and whispered. “If you like girls you can tell me. I really don’t care if people are gay.”

  • Thinking? - Remington, Thu Jan 3 17:30
    It was becoming quite clear that Remington didn’t know what to do with flirting, which was a little weird. If she looked at it from a different angle, flirting was kind of like debating. You took a... more
    • Always - DJ, Tue Jan 8 13:33
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