Holland Keene
A library may not be the best place for that
Tue Feb 14, 2017 22:53

The combination of Holland’s improved nonverbal magic and their impatience culminated in the fifth-year attempting the ritual Professor McKindy had mentioned on the last day of break. It turned out that rituals to divine your Animagus form didn’t tell you family-genus-species information, which it turned out sort of mattered when your form wasn’t an instantly-recognizable animal. Holland knew they had seen some kind of cephalopod in their magical mindfulness vision thing, but that was the extent of their interpretation.

They had tried to search online, but they weren’t especially good at description in a navigation bar, and there was always the chance it was some kind of magical creature that they wouldn’t find from an internet search anyway. Armed with the knowledge that their Animagus form was definitely something with tentacles, Holland went to the library to find books about octopus and squid species. The ritual had left a very clear image of the creature in their mind, and while Holland supposed they didn’t need to know their exact species, it was important to them. Holland liked speculation when it wasn’t possible to have answers, but this seemed like a highly answerable question.

Holland had woken up on the masculine-presenting side today, and had chosen navy skinny jeans and a lavender buttondown shirt—sleeves rolled up—under a grey vest. They had still put on makeup, of course, but left it at a natural no-makeup look accentuated by plum liquid lipstick. Over the holidays they’d dyed the long part of their hair a vivid coral color; Holland wasn’t sure if they liked it yet, but it was very different.

After making their selections from the magizoobotany section, Holland searched for a seat. They usually sat in the Obscure History section—which bordered up on the Sketchy Magic section and the section—but when they arrived, Holland saw a first-year holding an old gilt book had already taken their usual table. Well, no matter. There were some armchairs tucked further back in the section, and Holland was passing the student to get to the chairs when they dropped one of their books. They had already bent down to retrieve it when the first-year snapped at them.

Holland arched a perfectly-groomed eyebrow at him. “Yes, the books gave it away,” they said mildly. The kid had covered his book very quickly, which made Holland instantly curious. They hadn’t caught the title, just that it was old. “Find anything good?”

  • Secret reading - Dade Farnon, Tue Feb 14 20:01
    It was his first day back from Midterm, and Dade had found himself in the library once more. After his early experience with Remington in the library where they had discovered a mysterious book, in... more
    • A library may not be the best place for that - Holland Keene, Tue Feb 14 22:53
      • To be fair, neither is a dorm room - Dade, Wed Feb 15 06:16
        The person who had managed to drop a book right in front of him was one of the older students that made Dade very confused. Sometimes they wore girl clothes and sometimes, like today, they wore boy... more
        • It is if you have a single - Holland, Wed Feb 15 15:54
          “History can be interesting,” they replied, which was what they had meant when they said good . Somewhere in the school, in an office filled with outdated maps and artifacts, Professor Samuel Boot... more
          • That's right, rub it in - Dade, Fri Feb 24 05:55
            When Holland responded to Dade’s comment about it being a history book, they talked way too much about things Dade had no idea how to respond to. What was a battery? What was a Roanoke colony? Did he ... more
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