To be fair, neither is a dorm room
Wed Feb 15, 2017 06:16

The person who had managed to drop a book right in front of him was one of the older students that made Dade very confused. Sometimes they wore girl clothes and sometimes, like today, they wore boy clothes. It was utterly impossible to distinguish whether they were a boy or a girl, and that made Dade uncomfortable. He wanted to be able to call them something for sure, but instead he was stuck not knowing. Dade hated not knowing things. But he hadn’t asked Rose about it because he never thought that the older student would interact with him, since they were, well, significantly older. He was pretty sure they were in Roses’s year, actually.

It was also impressive that their hair was a really outlandish color. It was one of the reasons Dade had noticed them in the first place; there were a lot of older students at RMI and Dade had never bothered to keep track of most of them, aside from this person and Marissa, Rose’s roommate who had visited them during breaks sometimes.

”Find anything good?”

Dade shifted his bag to more thoroughly cover the old book, although the corners still peeked out. It was a large one and weighed probably more than Rose’s cat. Getting it down from the shelf - and it had been on the second highest shelf, at that - had been a minor nightmare. He hadn’t planned on putting it back, actually. He was going to sneak it behind some other books in the hopes that nobody would notice and that he would maybe be able to come back and look at it again without the trouble of having to get it down.

“No,” the dark-haired boy answered, his tone a delightful mixture of anxious and sullen. “It’s just a history book.”

  • A library may not be the best place for that - Holland Keene, Tue Feb 14 22:53
    The combination of Holland’s improved nonverbal magic and their impatience culminated in the fifth-year attempting the ritual Professor McKindy had mentioned on the last day of break. It turned out... more
    • To be fair, neither is a dorm room - Dade, Wed Feb 15 06:16
      • It is if you have a single - Holland, Wed Feb 15 15:54
        “History can be interesting,” they replied, which was what they had meant when they said good . Somewhere in the school, in an office filled with outdated maps and artifacts, Professor Samuel Boot... more
        • That's right, rub it in - Dade, Fri Feb 24 05:55
          When Holland responded to Dade’s comment about it being a history book, they talked way too much about things Dade had no idea how to respond to. What was a battery? What was a Roanoke colony? Did he ... more
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