It is if you have a single
Wed Feb 15, 2017 15:54

“History can be interesting,” they replied, which was what they had meant when they said good. Somewhere in the school, in an office filled with outdated maps and artifacts, Professor Samuel Boot was filled with a warm, fuzzy, prideful feeling that he immediately dismissed as indigestion. “Sometimes civilizations have extremely advanced technology for their time and location and level of industry. Like, batteries from before the Common Era, or mechanisms with gears that predate gears by like, a thousand years. And then there are the groups like the Roanoke colony that just disappeared without a trace.”

Mysteries like the Baghdad battery and the Antikythera mechanism were Holland’s favorite parts of history—not that these events proved the existence and interference of extraterrestrial entities, but they showed that the historical record was more complicated than most people assumed. And maybe time was less linear than people thought. Space was already less linear than Muggles thought, thanks to wizard space and its related charms. Plus time-turners could make short-range wrinkles in history (there was no definition of when the past became “history,” so Holland thought the answer might just be “when it stopped being the present”), so it wasn’t too far fetched to speculate that more powerful wizards or other magical beings could do more with time magic.

“You can find a lot of good stuff in history books,” Holland concluded, plopping into the closest armchair. They were near enough to the first year to make casual conversation without raising their voice, but lower than the table, so they couldn’t see his book anymore. Not that they could see it all that well before; whatever the first-year was looking at, he obviously didn’t want anyone else to know.

Holland crossed their right leg over their left knee and opened the thinnest of their books, Mysterious Creatures of the Deep! It was almost certainly a children’s book—opening it, they could see the font was about thirty-eight-point, and the pages were brightly-colored—but it had pictures, which was what Holland was after.

“You’re one of Rose’s brothers, right?” Rose had pointed out Dade and Connor when they were having lunch after Defense one day; Holland had remembered one was much darker than the other, although they had forgotten which. They were eighty percent confident this was Dade, but that wasn’t a high enough certainty for Holland to try addressing the kid as Dade. “I’m Holland. I’m in your sister’s year, but Lyra.”

  • To be fair, neither is a dorm room - Dade, Wed Feb 15 06:16
    The person who had managed to drop a book right in front of him was one of the older students that made Dade very confused. Sometimes they wore girl clothes and sometimes, like today, they wore boy... more
    • It is if you have a single - Holland, Wed Feb 15 15:54
      • That's right, rub it in - Dade, Fri Feb 24 05:55
        When Holland responded to Dade’s comment about it being a history book, they talked way too much about things Dade had no idea how to respond to. What was a battery? What was a Roanoke colony? Did he ... more
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