That's right, rub it in
Fri Feb 24, 2017 05:55

When Holland responded to Dade’s comment about it being a history book, they talked way too much about things Dade had no idea how to respond to. What was a battery? What was a Roanoke colony? Did he even care enough to get the answers to those questions? Also, what was the point of technology if you could just do things by magic? Although Dade wasn’t as scornful about Muggles and Muggleborns as his brother Connor, the first year was still utterly perplexed by the idea of life without magic. It seemed like everything he knew about that Muggles did was completely inefficient and too complicated. Apparently you could find a lot of good stuff in history books, but if it involved batteries and disappearing colonies, Dade wasn’t sure he wanted to. History of Magic was even boring, although Professor Boot kind of freaked him out a little.

“You’re one of Rose’s brothers, right?”

Dade nodded and Holland introduced themself to him, which was a little useless since Dade was pretty sure everyone knew who Holland was, even if they didn’t know what Holland was. He was trying not to stare, but he was also trying to figure out the answer to this question about what he should be calling Holland. Aside from their name, obviously. Which was irritatingly un-gendered. And which he had already known.

“Everyone knows who you are,” Dade pointed out. “You stand out.”

For a moment, the twelve year old considered asking if Holland was a boy or a girl, but he decided against it because it seemed like a stupid thing to ask. It wasn’t a question he’d ever had to ask someone before, and Dade was pretty sure now was not the time he was going to start. Besides, he could probably figure it out on his own. Or ask Rose. Although now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember Rose ever mentioning a pronoun in conjunction with Holland. That wasn’t something people usually had to think about. Dade shifted in his seat. This was uncomfortable.

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    “History can be interesting,” they replied, which was what they had meant when they said good . Somewhere in the school, in an office filled with outdated maps and artifacts, Professor Samuel Boot... more
    • That's right, rub it in - Dade, Fri Feb 24 05:55
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