Russell Drew
Sneaking a snack
Mon Mar 6, 2017 02:23

Russell had managed to make it out of his Potions lab relatively unscathed. ‘Relatively’ in this case meant that his eyebrows were intact. This was a substantial improvement to some of their earlier labs. Now, ‘relatively’ still meant that something was scathed. Today, it was one large chunk of hair which had helpfully fallen loose from his knotted updo directly into the cauldron flame, and was now noticeably singed and smelled a bit funny too. That had happened accidentally rather than as a result of his unskilled potion-making, though, so he was still taking it as a sign of improvement.

Russell had also managed to find an empty corner in the library. It was far away from the fireplaces, because the darting flames gave him migraines, and he assumed that was why this particular spot was empty right now, because he was under the impression that the fireside chairs were coveted by most students. When given the choice, the Californian was super super picky about his surroundings, but the benefit of photophobia was that the things he was picky about (namely the whole dark thing) weren’t opinions generally shared by the student body.

At this precise moment, he was sitting on the floor in the shadow between a chair and a bookshelf, his usual cargo shorts stretched out in front to reveal bony legs and sandalled feet. His Spellwork textbook was open with a half-written paper beside him, but he wasn’t reading it right now; he was preoccupied with his smallest friend. The critter didn’t demand attention very often and was in fact remarkably content with snoozing away through classes, but it was apparently lunchtime.

“You’re still hungry? Well, alright.”

True to his name, Jaws reached out and grabbed the proffered raisin, cradling it in both hands and nibbling frantically away as if it was about to disappear - which it soon did, vanishing into puffed-out cheeks. Green eyes crinkled up under his sunglasses as Russell grinned at the black mouse. Reaching into the pocket of his button-down, he pulled out an almond. It went the same way as the raisin. Good thing he’d had musli for breakfast. The scraps he’d stuffed in his pocket were the perfect size for a hungry mouse’s meal.

He heard someone approaching from the other side of the bookshelf and hastily pulled his paper over of his lap so that Jaws was hidden from sight by the time the person had turned the corner. Well, not entirely hidden; the paper was rustling a bit. But hidden enough that, hopefully, he wouldn’t get turned in for having a mouse in the library. Russell still wasn’t entirely sure that pet mice were allowed. He refused to leave Jaws in the dorm, not when there were cats living in Cetus (ew), but he didn’t want to take too many risks with showing him off in case there was a rule against it. Some of the students seemed chill, but what if he met someone who hated mice for some weird reason?

The fourth-year briefly considered ignoring the person and hoping they just skimmed over him and went away, but they seemed to be heading down the aisle, so it would probably look more suspicious if he didn’t say something. “Um, hi,” he greeted them, pushing his sunglasses farther up his nose. “I’m not using the chair, if that’s what you wanted. Er, or did you need to get a book or something?” he offered, jerking a thumb back at the shelf he was sitting against.

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      • Good thing you're not on the menu - Russell, Thu Mar 9 12:35
        "Oh. Good." Russell fell silent, and then it belatedly occurred to him that oh good was probably a little too unwelcoming of a phrase to avoid attention. Yeah, he wanted the kid to finish up and... more
        • What're We Having, Then? - Hunter Ioma, Mon Mar 13 22:55
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            • Is it a Tasty Conversation? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 14:22
              ”Actually, I was feeding Jaws.” The boy moved a paper and there was a little black mouse eating a nut or something with a super cute twitchy nose thing that mice did going on. A light clicked on in... more
              • It's... interesting. - Russell, Sat Mar 18 16:14
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                  ”Nah, it’s my Spellwork essay." Ohhhhh, yeah that made even more sense than mice being magical. No one had explicitly told Hunter that magical animals were kept secret from non-magical people, but he ... more
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