Good thing you're not on the menu
Thu Mar 9, 2017 12:35

"Oh. Good." Russell fell silent, and then it belatedly occurred to him that oh good was probably a little too unwelcoming of a phrase to avoid attention. Yeah, he wanted the kid to finish up and leave, but that didn't mean he should give away his intention. That wasn't very subtle. And he had an innocent mouse to protect. "I mean, that's nice. Books are great. Lots of books here."

Russell didn't honestly use the library very much for its book collection. On the whole, he rather disliked reading and writing. It was too hard to avoid the reflections that white paper gave off. That was why he did all his assignments on fancier cream-coloured paper (not that he agreed on its colour; real light-shiny-grey-cream was about as annoying as white-paged books, and his light-dull-grey sheets of paper didn't match that shade at all). Unfortunately, books were necessary for school and he couldn't avoid them entirely. So if he needed to read, he normally took books back to his dorm, where he kept the lights off and could work just fine with a candle in the corner.

"...I think your homework is… alive."

Russell stared at the younger boy, who was apparently much more observant than he'd expected. Darn. "Yes. It's... hungry." How did the saying go - best defense equaled a good offense? Something like that. If he had to feel out the boy's likelihood of ratting him out, anyways (heh, rats), this might be a good chance. If he could pull it off. The fourth-year knew he wasn't the fastest on-the-spot thinker. "You interrupted our lunch. Food isn't, erm, really encouraged in the library. Do you care about that? 'Cause I don't wanna get in trouble," he explained, fidgeting with his hair and tucking that loose singed chunk back behind his ear.

  • I Don't Wanna be a Snack! - Hunter Ioma, Wed Mar 8 22:12
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    • Good thing you're not on the menu - Russell, Thu Mar 9 12:35
      • What're We Having, Then? - Hunter Ioma, Mon Mar 13 22:55
        The older boy stared at Hunter. With the sunglasses on, that was super effective. ”Yes. It's... hungry. Hunter’s eyes went wide. That was somehow exactly what he had expected, but that didn't make it ... more
        • Currently, just a conversation. - Russell, Fri Mar 17 17:22
          Russell didn’t often know what to expect of other people. That wasn’t exactly surprising; far from it. His social circle was extremely limited, possibly to the extent that it could not really be... more
          • Is it a Tasty Conversation? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 14:22
            ”Actually, I was feeding Jaws.” The boy moved a paper and there was a little black mouse eating a nut or something with a super cute twitchy nose thing that mice did going on. A light clicked on in... more
            • It's... interesting. - Russell, Sat Mar 18 16:14
              It would definitely be awful if Jaws got eaten. The boy seemed excessively concerned about grades, though, which Russell was confused by. Yeah, there was a possibility that if Jaws got eaten, he... more
              • As Long as We Don't Have to Eat Our Words - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 19:15
                ”Nah, it’s my Spellwork essay." Ohhhhh, yeah that made even more sense than mice being magical. No one had explicitly told Hunter that magical animals were kept secret from non-magical people, but he ... more
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