Francine Holtz
Rumor has it [Lucien]
Mon Mar 13, 2017 02:29

Francine breathed in.

Francine breathed out.


For once, she wasn’t bubbly. She did not bounce as she walked. She didn’t even smile. Something very serious was going on, and somehow, she had not seen it. Maybe she just hadn’t wanted to see it. Either way, it was here now, and she had to do something. Francine was a Cetus for a reason: she believed in justice. What’s more, she believed in equality and kindness, and nobody had the right to treat anybody poorly.

Not even her boyfriend.

She could hardly believe it. Her boyfriend, a transphobe! And he’d lied to her about it, about what happened with Holland. Or maybe not technically, but lies of omission totally counted. Francine had caught wind through RMI’s reliable gossip mill - of which she was usually a passionate member - that something had gone on between Lucien and the fifth year, but when she’d asked him, he said something about an argument over grammar and Holland freaking out over nothing. And she’d believed him. So when she got a chance to ask Holland about it out of pure curiosity as to why they, a normally good-natured and fairly calm individual, would freak out about something like grammar and was met with a vastly different account of the situation, Francine felt a lot of different things all at once. Her immediate reaction was to apologize profusely on Lucien’s behalf and promise Holland that she would talk to him.

And she would. She had to. This was important. Lucien had spent the last six and a half years as the roommate of her gay brother, and while he’d seemed generally okay with that after a touch of initial awkwardness, this made Francine very nervous. Prejudices often linked together. But even beyond the personal Nick stuff - and this was super important - this was wrong!

So she had sent Lucien a note to meet her in the library, including the pivotal phrase we need to talk so that, if he had any sense in that otherwise smart brain of his, he would know not to expect this to be nearly as much fun as they occasionally found in the library. It was quiet here, but not strictly “no talking”. Plus, it was a Saturday evening, so she imagined it would be fairly empty. Other people had better things to do than read.

She saw him approaching. Usually, that made her smile, but she didn’t smile today. “Hey,” she said, her tone devoid of emotion. Francine was pretty sure those would come later. Usually she kissed him when she first saw him, but she made no move to do so. Instead, she spoke. “Look, I know you didn’t tell me everything about what happened with Holland. For example, it might’ve been nice to know that the ‘grammar’ thing you were fighting about was pronouns. Their pronouns. Lucien, that’s…” She swallowed. The emotions were coming. “That’s really not okay. You know that, right?” It was almost a plea, an underlying willpower begging him to have the right answer.

Francine breathed in.

Francine did not breathe out.

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    • Rumour mills are a bit inaccurate - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 14:54
      There were a lot of things happening right now. Lucien had hoped that his relationship with Francine would be unaffected. Not even hoped - expected - for the simple reason that, well, why would it be ... more
      • She listened. He talked, and she listened. She wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t plan on hearing him out. And as Lucien went on, she found herself getting, surprisingly, less upset. He seemed genuine ... more
        • Are you trying to pull me back down? - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 00:07
          When Francine reached towards him, he reacted automatically, pulling his hand free of his trouser pockets to wrap it around hers. She believed him. She believed him. Finally, out of this entire... more
          • I'm mostly just trying to quote Adele - Francine, Tue Mar 14 01:20
            “Well... if it was you, I wouldn’t want you to feel unsafe.” Francine smiled. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. This was progress. He got the threat of the situation, at least a little... more
            • That may be a more admirable goal - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 17:23
              Lucien had read up a little on gender stuff before now. The topic hadn’t been remotely relevant in his life until his third year, which was when Holland arrived at RMI; subsequently, his trips for... more
              • I'm nothing if not admirable. - Francine, Tue Mar 14 20:52
                Francine was, as almost anyone knew, not really a big reader. If it was a really good story, then she could get into it, but if she wasn’t super in love with it, she had to drag herself through. She... more
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