Lucien Dubois
Rumour mills are a bit inaccurate
Mon Mar 13, 2017 14:54

There were a lot of things happening right now.

Lucien had hoped that his relationship with Francine would be unaffected. Not even hoped - expected - for the simple reason that, well, why would it be affected by any of this? The argument with Holland hadn’t been his fault, and it likewise hadn’t been his fault that Holland had encouraged her friends to follow him around verbally harassing him and even physically assaulting him with hexes and punches. He had, therefore, felt no need to bring it up to Francine. There were a lot of things happening right now, but they were happening in his life, and she didn’t need to get involved.

More accurately: he didn’t want to get Francine involved. She was possibly the most bouyant person he knew, and when he thought back he still wasn’t entirely certain how they had wound up getting along so well, but they fit together comfortably and it was great. Lucien didn’t want his problems to drag her down; his relationship with her was, somehow, for better or worse, the only thing he really felt optimistic about. Unfortunately, the Québécois was not an overly optimistic person to begin with, and receiving her note with its ominous we need to talk had successfully eroded whatever optimism he had previously held.

Fidgeting with the collar of his maroon button-down, he approached the entrance to the library. Lucien really didn’t like feeling this nervous - but how could he not? He didn’t have a clue what to expect. He hadn’t exactly been expecting most of the things which had happened to him this week, either, but the wrongness of those events was trivial compared to how this felt, which was very wrong. Francine was supposed to be the stable presence in his life. Summoning him without an explanation wasn’t like her. Well, sometimes it was, but he suspected this wouldn’t end the same way as their other clandestine meetings.

He couldn’t say why he suspected it; maybe it was just the side-effect of his overall antagonistic week. It was certainly mentally exhausting, being made to argue for himself so frequently.

There was also the we need to talk.

When he saw Francine, he smiled at her, although it was more reflexive than anything else, the automatic bending of his lips feeling less easy than it usually did when faced with her. The smile vanished pretty quickly as she began talking.

“I...” Feeling a weird mix of confusion and concern at her obvious building emotions, he felt the need to fidget again and readjusted his glasses, frames raising before settling back down over the faded bruises from Emmett’s punch. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Francine. It just didn’t seem like I should, I guess.” He sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. God, he was tired. Normally being with Francine made it easy to forget his anger with everyone else, but right now? Well, if he couldn’t talk to her, who could he talk to? They didn’t normally have many serious conversations, but maybe it was time. “Okay, honestly, I don’t get why it’s wrong,” he asserted. “Everyone else seems to agree, but it doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m sick of being attacked for it. All I wanted was an explanation. What happened with Holland, it just got... carried away.”

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    • Rumour mills are a bit inaccurate - Lucien Dubois, Mon Mar 13 14:54
      • She listened. He talked, and she listened. She wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t plan on hearing him out. And as Lucien went on, she found herself getting, surprisingly, less upset. He seemed genuine ... more
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            “Well... if it was you, I wouldn’t want you to feel unsafe.” Francine smiled. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless. This was progress. He got the threat of the situation, at least a little... more
            • That may be a more admirable goal - Lucien, Tue Mar 14 17:23
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              • I'm nothing if not admirable. - Francine, Tue Mar 14 20:52
                Francine was, as almost anyone knew, not really a big reader. If it was a really good story, then she could get into it, but if she wasn’t super in love with it, she had to drag herself through. She... more
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