Hunter Ioma
What're We Having, Then?
Mon Mar 13, 2017 22:55

The older boy stared at Hunter. With the sunglasses on, that was super effective.

”Yes. It's... hungry.

Hunter’s eyes went wide. That was somehow exactly what he had expected, but that didn't make it any less terrifying. Or less exciting. Hungry homework definitely sounded like an adventure! Even more so in real life than Roger had led him to believe.

”Food isn't, erm, really encouraged in the library. Do you care about that? 'Cause I don't wanna get in trouble.”

Hunter continued to stare unblinkingly into the other boy’s sunglasses for a moment before sitting on his knees next to him. His eyes darting between the living homework and his new partner in crime, he whispered conspiratorially “What does homework eat? I’ve been wondering. Not about homework specifically, Roger didn’t tell me anything about homework papers, just books. Do they have similar diets? He said they bite people, but I doubt they need to eat people or anything. I mean it’s not like we’re made out of paper. I bet they eat nouns and verbs and stuff. Is punctuation like vegetables? Are adverbs the dessert?”

Hunter blinked a few times as everything the other student said caught up with him. “No food in the library? Then how are you supposed to feed the books? They must get awful hungry. That doesn’t seem nice.” At this Hunter stood and, gesturing widely and continuing in a ferocious whisper “I say feed them all!”

Hunter looked around, suddenly realising the potential implications of feeding homework in a library. “Does it eat books? I dunno about that, I feel like Madame Toladaeri would notice if any went missing. I’ve got some comic books it can have, though. I mean they’re not exactly scholarly or anything but if we’re trying to avoid getting in trouble…”

  • Good thing you're not on the menu - Russell, Thu Mar 9 12:35
    "Oh. Good." Russell fell silent, and then it belatedly occurred to him that oh good was probably a little too unwelcoming of a phrase to avoid attention. Yeah, he wanted the kid to finish up and... more
    • What're We Having, Then? - Hunter Ioma, Mon Mar 13 22:55
      • Currently, just a conversation. - Russell, Fri Mar 17 17:22
        Russell didn’t often know what to expect of other people. That wasn’t exactly surprising; far from it. His social circle was extremely limited, possibly to the extent that it could not really be... more
        • Is it a Tasty Conversation? - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 14:22
          ”Actually, I was feeding Jaws.” The boy moved a paper and there was a little black mouse eating a nut or something with a super cute twitchy nose thing that mice did going on. A light clicked on in... more
          • It's... interesting. - Russell, Sat Mar 18 16:14
            It would definitely be awful if Jaws got eaten. The boy seemed excessively concerned about grades, though, which Russell was confused by. Yeah, there was a possibility that if Jaws got eaten, he... more
            • As Long as We Don't Have to Eat Our Words - Hunter Ioma, Sat Mar 18 19:15
              ”Nah, it’s my Spellwork essay." Ohhhhh, yeah that made even more sense than mice being magical. No one had explicitly told Hunter that magical animals were kept secret from non-magical people, but he ... more
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